• What IS Christmas?

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    A joyful, seasonal holiday, created by those clever people in Atlanta to convince christian Polar Bears to drink Coca-Cola. So successful, that global operations are now directed by Father Chris Mass from his HQ in Lapland and managed by his team of vertically challenged, pointy eared interns.

    In super scientific tests, we found that ‘Christmas’ had a 99.9% awareness and could be identified by the sudden and erratic downloads of last minute data from Bankaccountsoftheworld.com – resulting in the mass wrapping of presents to (good and very, very bad) loved ones.  Present stocks traditionally leave Lapland’s DC on 24th December and are fulfilled using the Rudolph Chimney Funnel ‘ Just in time’ system.  

    We at Vivid Brand, have toiled and sharpened our toenails to create this ultra insightful infographic to impart our festive wisdom and help you to have the most wonderful, Christmas you have ever experienced:

     Vivid Brand Christmas Card 2012

    This is a day not to be missed, according to Vivid Brand’s two Wise Men:

    “I love the magic of Christmas eve, drinking Santa’s brandy, eating Rudolph’s golden carrot and munching on my wife’s mince pie.” 

    Andy Scott, Father of Sam & Katie

    “The year just isn’t complete without a 3 day sulk-fest, a re-gifted whip and a family member in every room of the house, watching a different Christmas Special.”  

    Gideon Karmiloff, Father of too many to mention

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