• Mothers Day Marketing

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    We’ve been checking out all the Mummy Marketing employed by brands and retailers this year to persuade Shoppers to part with their cash.

    We’ve identified some interesting and diverse approaches:

    The Shock Factor

    Forget the standard flowers or breakfast in bed, as Saturday Night Live points out, what ‘Mom’ really wants, is time alone with E.L. James’ erotic novel, “Fifty Shades of Grey”.

    The wildly popular book has already been dubbed “Mummy porn,” and back in 2012, SNL took on the phenomenon for the first time, in a parody commercial for Amazon’s Kindle. Although not technically, a real campaign, this was a clever way of creating a seasonally appropriate piece that drew on current trends. 

    The hilarious clip, sends one very important message -- if you’re going to gift Mum with “Fifty Shades” this Mother’s Day, be sure to give her a padlock for the door as well. 


    Focusing on men, and not the metrosexual kind, but the kind of big burly bloke you see down the pub; this ad from Paperchase shows the process of men making cards for their Mums with a table full of crafts, feathers and sparkly bits laid out in front of them.

    It’s so wonderful to see the desire that every child  has (no matter how old) to make the perfect, meaningful and personal Mothers Day card for their Mums. The best bit is actually at the end, when you see their Mum’s reactions to the cards, as if they are reviewing their childs homework from when they were 8 years old, as well as the ‘childs’ desire to please their Mum and get rewarded.

    Truly sweet and eye opening. 


    Zizzi Mothers Day Campaign

    Zizzi use email marketing to offer their members seasonal perks that others would not be lucky enough to know about. The design is pretty and engaging and communication makes it easy for you to let Zizzi take care of Mothers Day for you. 

    The playful copy prompts readers to ‘be pals’ with the company via their other social platforms. 

    Family Values

    Featuring real Mum’s, this Mothercare ‘movie’ charts 24 hours in the life of a modern-day Mother. All Mum’s could take part by tweeting photos and video footage, which was then collated into the video and spread virally. Not only does the ad have a strong emphasis on the importance of family, it was a great stunt to take advantage of Mothers’ increasing use of smartphones to share content as well as getting people to pay attention to the brand’s online offering. 



    Who can refuse the opportunity to celebrate Mum and give her the public praise she deserves?! eBay USA help shoppers to tell the world why their Mum is a hero as well as offering a tempting prize if they are deemed the most worthy!

    ebay mothers day campaign 


    Personal Touch

    Using the words ‘your mum’ imply that the gifting suggestions will cater to the personal tastes of you and your Mum rather than just being generic and meaningless. A clever ploy by Tesco, that use a very specific tone of voice,  to stand out amongst the masses of retailers that offer very similar products for the occasion.

    Tesco Mothers Day Campaign  


     By using celebrity mother/ daughter duo, Jerry Hall and Georgia May Jagger, as brand ambassadors, Sunglasses Hut encourages the shopper to feel a sense of familiarity and aspiration. The Mothers Day campaign draws on the special relationship the two women have as well as referencing their celebrity status and glamorous lifestyle, helping the brand to seem relatable as well as desirable and luxurious.


    Could Dads do what Mums do? Lets see…


    For more Mother’s Day marketing examples, have a peek at our Mother’s Day Pinterest board!


  • Cocks in Socks

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    Yes this is really happening! (Trust me, I’ve seen some horrors this week in my Facebook feed, that I cannot erase from my memory! )

    Originally made famous by the Red Hot Chilli peppers album cover and performances, this is now a ‘thing’ in aid of Testicular cancer, for Cancer Research. 

    Basically a bloke puts a sock on it and takes a photo and begs for money and posts on Instagram / Facebook / Twitter. 

    Cocks in Socks

    See more here: 

    None of them on my Facebook feed looked ANYTHING like this!  ;) 

    If you want to get in on the action boys, here’s the hash tag: #cockinasock  

    (And please don’t feel the need to share this with us) 

    There’s mucho chat  / debate in the press about this. Apparently dogs are now wearing them on their tales too, so women can get in on the action (via their dog!)


    The other campaign that has taken off this last week is the no make up selfie, raising £8m in a matter of days for Cancer Research:

    Take a photo of yourself with no make up (horror of horrors apparently!) and then donate £3 to show how incredibly brave you are (honestly!) 


    Anyway women are loving this idea and are nominating each other using Facebook as a bit of a dare (Will you be brave enough to show the world what you really look like?). Interesting use of peer pressure! 

    To donate or take part, visit Cancer Research’s Facebook Page, or take a pic and text BEAT to 70099 


    Yes this is really a thing too!  Simply position a (warm) teasp0on on your nips, take a selfie and post here. 

     Teaspoons on tits for Cervical Cancer

    Text BEAT to 70099  to donate to Cancer Research, or visit  Cancer Research’s Facebook Page

  • Inspiring Point of Sale

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    On average, 30-40% of Shoppers decision to purchase is made at the Point of sale, or at shelf, rising even further in specific categories, or when combined with Promos.

    The shelf/POS Unit is the last opportunity to sell your brand’s product features and benefits and convert browers into Shoppers. 

    We present a celebration of some great, fun and quirky POP, showcasing structural designs and creativity that has taken the humble FSDU / Shelf to another level, sometimes even defying gravity for maximum interruptive effect. 


    Dom Pérignon

    Point of Sale

    Not only does this Dom Pérignon display feature an array of pricey bottles of champagne, but that book you see is actually a touchscreen panel which allows the shopper to browse its pages with the wave of a hand, and wait for it, the screen above it is actually behind a parallax barrier projecting 3-d visuals without the glasses!




    Welcome to the world of Milka! By adding the cow head and body shape to a fairly standard shelf display, the brand have transformed this unit and are sure to grab customers’ attention, whilst pushing the brand identity and being cute. 




    Walking in to Monki is like walking into a fashion fantasy; making fashion fun with quirky accessories and even quirkier in-store displays. This dreamy carousel themed display unit, grabs the customers attention whilst displaying product in a beautiful way.



    This bold and dramatic display meant that consumers didn’t need to be close to the stock to trigger curiosity about the product.The strawberries promote the natural content of the product, whilst also acting as very effective signage, visible across the whole store. 




     This POS stand for Jameson whiskey promotes the Irish roots of the brand, along with it’s heritage and distillery process. 


    Amsterdam Gin


    This art deco style cityscape POS unit cleverly utilises the containers to build up a bulk stack floor display for Amsterdam Gin, topped with simple and very cost effective POP material. 


    Viktor & Rolf 


    The Flowerbomb Rose Explosion POS launch campaign has been conceived to highlight the opulence and extra-luxury aesthetic of the new Viktor & Rolf fragrance, in line with the design of the bottle and the visual. 




    Beautiful platform created by Barbour that aptly displays the product ranges whilst supporting and celebrating the brands rich history.




     This glamorous Barbie Jet display completely owns the shop floor, bold and fun! POS such as this will drive talkability and increase traffic to the toy department of the store, not to mention pester power.


    Coke Zero


    Great visual metaphor with this inverted pyramid display from Coke Zero!



    These amazing CDUs for sports-brand Anta were made using the cardboard of the brands shoe boxes. Designed to represent three prominent Chinese Basketball players, that are sponsored by ANTA, the project won two awards at the International Cannes Lions Awards in 2011.


  • Pick of the Pop-Ups!

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    In the last 5 years, pop-up shops have literally been popping up all over the place. 

    Traditionally employed by savvy retailers and town centre councils who want to exploit free/ temporary retail units, pop ups are now being used in a more strategic way by brands and retailers. Many are using the  temporary nature to trial new product or retail concepts under the radar, whereas others are using pop ups as an opportunity to run soft launches of new products, set up innovative retail experiences or just for the pure fun of it for PR purposes.

    Pop ups marry retailer shopper marketing, experiential and creativity to present the visitor with the ultimate brand experience in a unique environment.  The limited time frame helps to suggest an exclusivity – almost on a par with an art gallery exhibition, transforming a shop into a destination . 

    We have compiled a list of our favourite pop up shops:


    ebay pop up

    This was a radical step for eBay, the pure play online retailer.

    Without a single product inside this pop up, visitors used an augmented reality app to scan images in order to see a 3D overlay of the product. Purchases could then be made via mobiles. Great idea, but maybe this needed to be taken a step further in order to deliver something over and above their offer online.


    Veuve Clicquot

    veuve clicquot pop up bar

    Using an original 1950’s Airstream food van, the brands signature yellow hue covers this luxurious  diner. An unusual choice for Veuve Clicquot – a French band known for its luxury positioning.  One has to wonder if this is an attempt to give the brand a more down to earth, attainable feel and if so, whether this actually makes the brand less desirable and exclusive?


    H&M Pop Up shopH&M pop up store

    This quirky, innovative pop up by H&M appeared on the beach in Holland, but only for 2 days. The concept was that the store simply’washed up on shore’ and sold H&M’s Water Aid apparel. The collection was a mixture of hats, shorts, bikinis, t-shirts and flip flops. H&M donated 25% of their profits to Water Aid. Philanthropic and Genius!


    Kelloggs tweet pop up shop

    Kelloggs Tweet Pop up Store

    Special K’s London pop-up, The Tweet Shop (a play on the classic British “sweet shop”), was set up to launch the new Special K Cracker Chips in the UK. The pop up shop utilised social currency in the form of tweets for a free packed of savoury treats.

    Doc Martens

    Doc Martens pop up storeDoc Martens Pop Up store

    This is a very different approach for Dr. Martens’ , whose heritage and attitude catapulted it from a working-class essential to a counter-cultural icon. 

    This store has a minimalist industrial style with display materials taken straight off a building site.  The iconic yellow and black colours that are traditionally linked to the brand image and it’s location in trendy Spitalfields Market in London, mean that customers are reminded of the brands heritage in a modern artistic way, as well as its place in contemporary hipster culture.


    Pepsi Pop Up Shop

    Pepsi Pop up shop

     To celebrate the launch of their new logo, Pepsi commissioned this quirky pop up drinks stand in New York.

    With customer interaction available during the day and stylised lighting after hours, this pop-up doesn’t miss the chance to grab the attention of passers by whether it be day or night.

    Louis Vuitton

    Louis Vuitton pop up storelouis vuitton pop up store

    If there was a first prize for innovative pop-ups, Louis Vuitton would definitely be a main contender. This Pop Up is almost like entering a shell and could easily be mistaken for an art installation. The brand succeeds in creating an immerssive  & stunning display for their luxury goods.


    Boxpark pop up shop

    BOXPARK in Shoreditch, was the worlds first pop-up mall. It actually consists of a row of  stripped and refitted shipping containers that have been placed together to form a unique, low cost ‘box shop’.

    With a mix of local and global fashion and lifestyle brands, galleries and cafes placed side-by-side, the shopping experience is truly unique and a great way of allowing independent brands to find their feet on the high-street. Although one has to wonder whether the inclusion of big brands such as Nike helps to draw attention to the site (and thus the lesser known labels), or whether it instead just allows these big brands to leverage the edgy credibility of Shoreditch.

    Diesel Boombox

    Diesel Pop Up Shop

    Diesel Pop Up Shop

    These fabulous wooden boombox pop up shop was created by StudioXag for Diesel. These expert makers have spared no detail and you can almost hear the music as you walk down the street.

    Moore and Giles / Bulleit Bourbon 

     bulleit bourbon pop up bar

    bulleit bourbon pop up bar

    This marketing vehicle takes tailgating to a whole new level, by merging old-fashioned American craft-making from Moore and Giles with premium Bulleit Bourbon.

    The wood-paneled outer shell and details are made from reclaimed oak bourbon casks, while the amber-colored honey brown leather seats will darken over time, in a manner similar to maturing bourbon. A well thought out and considered marriage of brands that each help each other to produce a strong visual identity and sense of heritage, as well as a fun luxury pop up bar for visitors.


    illy pop up store

     This illy pop-up shop is completely self contained and literally pops up when needed. Made from a recycled crate, the store brings their brand values on sustainable development to life,


    chanel pop up store

    Chanel created a pop-up flower stall outside their main boutique in Covent Garden, to celebrate Mothers Day weekend.

    The French fashion house gave away hand-tied posies when any 100ml bottle of fragrance was purchased. The historical floral association with Convent Garden makes this temporary promotion by Chanel particularly appropriate.

    Models Own

    Models Own Pop Up Store

    Cosmetics brand, Models Own, created this eye-catching large scale bottle shaped pop-up shop to showcase their brand at Westfield London and Brent Cross Shopping centres. Made to look like a giant bottle of nail vanish, tipped on its side, the store invites customers to shop inside and sample more of the nailvarnish for sale or try out some false lashes. This is a really impressive piece of retail design, fun and playful and perfectly targeted to their audience.


    uniqlo pop up shop


    This giant fleece animal was created for Uniqlo’s ‘Fleece Wonderland’ pop-up store in Tokyo, using 170 of the brands fleece jackets. By doing this, the temporary store created an engaging retail environment encompassing various merchandising skills to create an immersive shopping experience. 

    Hotel Everland

    Hotel Everland Pop UpHotel Everland Pop Up

    The first of its kind, The Hotel Everland is a fantastic one room pop up hotel concept that premiered in Leipzig in 2006 and then Paris in 2007. 

    Available for one night only, the 10 ton capsule room is suspended on the end of a crane – perfect if you like that element of danger whilst you sleep! ;)

    Naturally, all the luxuries of a top hotel were featured, including a mini bar and vinyl collection alongside the most enviable views across the city.

    Whilst this pop up was created as part of an art project, we think it would have been a great way of advertising and promoting a brand hotels brand, such as Booking.com or LastMinute.com.

    For more fabulous examples of pop-up stores, why not have a look at our selection on our Pinterest page. 



  • Top 10 Alcohol Packs

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    A lot of research and investigation in the seedy pubs, bars and private member dens of London, Moscow &  Mexico went into the curation of this post. Hic….


    Colier Sparking Wine

    Colliers Packagin_Vivid Brand Blog

    Colliers Packagin_Vivid Brand Blog

    Colliers Packagin_Vivid Brand Blog


    My Private Brewery

    My Private Brewery_Vivid Brand Blog


    Viejo Inde Cente

    Viejo Inde Cente_Vivid Brand Blog


    Two Roads to Courage, featuring Bulleit Bourbon

     Two Roads to Courage, Vivid Brand

    A gentleman by the name of  Tyler Riewer  is fortunate to have the best friends on the planet.  As a birthday gift, they created a custom suitcse fitted to hold a set of brass knuckles and a bottle of Bulleit Bourbon. The custom case features the words “Life is a daring adventure, or nothing,” on the exterior along with the phrase “sack up.” Inside, presumably an indicator that the contents are meant to prepare one for said adventure is the legend, “two roads to courage.”


    Absolut Crystal

    Absolut Crystal_ Vivid Brand  


    Crystal Head Vodka

     Crystal Head Vodka, Vivid Brand


    Vintage Beer Packs

     Mens Beer_Vivid Brand


    Fallen Angel

     Fallen Angel_ Vivid Brand



     Smirnoff Vodka_Vivid Brand

    Smirnoff Vodka_Vivid Brand


    Jack Daniels

    Jack Daniels_ Vivid Brand

  • XOXO From Vivid Brand

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    Happy Valentines Day

    Love from Us



  • Awesome Alcohol Campaigns

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    Alcohol advertising is one of the most regulated forms of marketing internationally, which means companies need to think of creative ways to promote and advertise their products, whilst staying within market specific advertising standard guidelines. Here’s a selection of our favourite campaigns from recent times:

    Guinness: The Congo Sapeurs

    A brilliantly eye-opening ad by Guinness, featuring The Congolose ‘Society of Ambianceurs and Elegant Persons’ -- known as ‘Sapeurs’.

    The ad offers a surprising and different picture of central Africa to viewers who most likely associate the region with conflict and perhaps poverty.  The filming captures a commitment to personal style and expression from the charasmatic characters who feature in this snapshot of their lifestyle.


    Andes Barley Wine: The Miraculous Hen

    This hilarious ad by Andes Barley WIne features a most enviable bird: a hen who lays beer (specifically Andes Barley Wine) instead of eggs. Who wouldn’t want to own one of those?


    Bells: The Reader 

    Scotch whisky brand Bell’s might just lift your spirits with this South African ad with an elderly man struggling to overcome his illiteracy so he can celebrate a family milestone. Like a good scotch, this ad will leave you with a warm feeling inside.


    Tooheys Extra Dry: Repay Your Mouth

    This new ad by Tooheys is sure to grab attention and drive talkability, if not leave viewers a tad unnerved in the process!


    Smirnoff: Arrive Boldly

    This creative advert brings the ultimate party entrance to life with a montage of people making a number of bold arrivals to a warehouse party. 


    Tullamore Due: A Parting Glass

    An uplifting ad that celebrates the ties that bind friendships and the inevitable goodbyes we face.


    Lakemaid Beer: Delivery Drone

    Lakemaid Beer have created a fun ad focusing on their target consumer: ice fishermen wearing dorky hats (although being a tad niche, we assume this is tongue in cheek!) and present it’s innovative idea for a beer-delivery system courtesy of drones.


    Heineken: The Experiment

    On January 6th 2014, Heineken debuted “Dance More, Drink Slow” a global campaign designed to promote moderation over excess. A great way to promote their product whilst also enforcing the message to drink responsibility.



    Jack Daniels

    Jack Daniels takes an illustrative storytelling approach. The Whisky brand often shares powerful imagery and content that has a nostalgic feel, providing fans with a snapshot into the Whisky distillery’s rich history and values


    TuB Gin

    TuB Gin uses vintage imagery to explain the history of their product, and invites the viewer to be a part of their culture.


    Dewars: Live True

    Inspired by Dewar’s history and heritage, ‘Live True’ focuses on the lives and aspirations of real people who ‘live according to their own convictions and principles and who value authenticity above everything’. In some respects, an apt collaboration between the brand and the author Charles Bukowski, whose piece, “So you want to be a writer” is used to narrate the ad, although many fans of his work will know that Bukowski had already warded his inebriate’s endorsement to beer with these famous lines, “Stay with the beer/ beer is continuous blood/ a continuous lover”!


    Guinness: Twins   

    The spot features biathlete Tracy Barnes, who recently ceded her place on the U.S. Olympic Team to her twin sister, Lanny, after Lanny was too ill to compete in some of the qualifying races.


    Johnny Walker: Join the Pact -- The Glass Car

    Johnny Walkers, almost completely CGI created ad, shows hundreds of drinking glasses flying out of boxes, magically assembling in the shape of a race car and then breaking into a thousand shards—before coming back together in a powerful, beautiful plea not to drink and drive. Dramatic and moving.


    Newcastle Brown

    The British brewer has set it’s sights on raising it’s visibility over the Super Bowl -- one of the biggest money making opportunities in the year, in the US. This faux teaser campaing launches an ”If We Made It” campaign, celebrating the Super Bowl commercial the brewer would have made—if it had been able to afford one. The whole campaign is hilariously done as it takes down the overblown process of Super Bowl ad rollouts -- (if a little slow to get going).

    Check out our Alcohol Branding Pinboard here


  • Amorous Advertising

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    Valentines Day is a great excuse for brands to show their sensitive side, and give back some love to their dedicated customers, social fans and followers.

    According to research company OnePoll, Britons are predicted to spend £978m this Valentine’s Day. With this figure in mind, it is easy to see why brands are investing so much in ways to reach out to their customer base and let them know that they can help them to show their loved ones how much they care.

    Here is our roundup of the best Valentines communication out there:


    Heineken USA: ‘Date in a Box’ 

    During the week leading up to Valentines Day, Heineken USA invited ladies to request a ‘Date in a Box’ via their Twitter page.  This appears as a red, glittery vault that contains a certificate for a prearranged date for two. The only catch is that their valentine will need to share a picture of their ‘Date in a Box’ via instagram with a hashtag nod to the provider of course. A small price to pay for a freebie though…

    Ann Summers: ‘Happy Ann Summers Day’

    Ann Summers controversially developed a guerrilla marketing campaign for the weekend ahead of Valentine’s Day, including projecting messages onto competitor shop fronts! For example, the projection against Thornton’s stores  read ‘Chocolates are for hospitals’, while another projection read ‘Roses belong in the Eighties.’

    valentines campaigns 

    valentines campaigns

    On their website, the brand targeted their ranges clearly by ‘type of Valentine’ helping their Shoppers buy the right gift for their significant others.

    Cadbury Ireland Valentine: Creme Egg Fling

    Cadbury Creme Egg launched a multi-platform campaign that featured the Dublin Gospel Choir. Fans of the brands Facebook page were first invited to reveal their favourite chat-up lines which were then recorded by the choir and displayed on the CadburyIRE YouTube channel.



    As usual, ASOS make seasonal shopping a breeze, with a simple layout, clear categorisation  and fun graphics. ASOS lets you peruse their curated guides suitable for the man in your life, the lady in your life, your BFF or just a little something for yourself. 

    valentines campaigns


    Liberty London

    Liberty provide a playful web display to make the most of Valentines Day and grab the attention of potential present buyers. With a ‘Love Boat’ theme, they employ cutesy graphics and clear categorisation to make the online shopping experience fun as well as easy to navigate.

    Valentines Campaigns

    eBay India: Love Yourself  

    This Valentines, eBay India ran a campaign that promotes the idea of loving yourself and encourages viewers to buy themselves a gift this Valentines! A great way of ensuring sales from couples and singles alike!

    Lush Cosmetics

    Lush Cosmetics use bold web design to point customers down the path to a sweet smelling Valentines day. Themed gift sets, packaging and tongue-in-cheek branding provide the signature style you would expect from the brand. However unlike any other campaign mentioned in this list they have highlighted that love is not just for same sex couples, and have begun a campaign to highlight the various types of love and the unfair discrimination that they face.

     valentines campaigns          

    valentines campaignsvalentines campaigns


    Wilkinson Sword UK: ‘Have a smooth Valentines Day’

    It’s nice to see a Valentines themed campaign that doesn’t just push customers to spend more money, and seems to actually capture the true essence of valentines day -- of being close to a loved one. Popular with the masses, since being reposted on 6th February, this Wilkinsons Sword video has gotten more than 1 million views!


    Krispy Kremes: ‘Love at First Bite’

    By creating limited edition ‘Strawberry Kiss’ doughnuts, and Valentines poetry competitions on their social platforms, Krispy Kreme doughnuts show you how to say ‘i love you’ with doughnuts.

    valentines campaigns  valentines campaigns

    M&Ms: Valentines Personalisation  

    M&M’s Valentines effort employs the popularity of personalised gifts, by offering customers the chance to decorate their sweets with love messages or pictures of their choice. 

      Valentines Campaigns

     Valentines Campaigns   

    Not on the High Street

     Not on the High Street offers a sentimental display of affection with videos of real life couples explaining how they fell in love. With a push in personalised gifting, and gifts catered for each type of possible romantic (sentimental, seasonal, ever-ready. practical, or passionate), NOTHS focuses on the individual rather than just present for presents sake.

    valentines campaigns  Valentines Campaigns

    John Lewis

    Keeping a home made and traditional sense to their Valentines display, John Lewis have also jumped on the personalised train with a selection of personalised products and low key luxury. 

    valentines campaigns   

    valentines campaigns  

    Apple: ‘Love is in the Air’

    Even Apple are jumping on the Valentines wagon to promote their custom engraving service on their iPad Air. Pink lettering, heart graphics and the phrase ‘Love is in the Air’ subtly point customers towards Apple technology as a way of expressing their affections this Valentines day.

    valentines campaignsvalentines campaigns

    Topshop/ TopMan

    With curated gift pages as well as ideas on how to dress sharp for the annual date night, Topshop/man speaks in a language its customer base will understand. 

    valentines campaigns

          valentines campaigns

    Moët & Chandon: Rosé Impérial ‘Tie-For-Two’ Collection for Valentine’s Day 2014

    Moët & Chandon have released a special edition entitled Rosé Impérial Tie-For-Two Collection. With pink packaging and details such as a black tie that adjoins the two flutes, Moët & Chandon creates a feeling of luxury and exclusivity for couples that enjoy the finer things in life. 

     Valentines Campaigns

    Valentines Campaigns

    Marks and Spencer: ‘Share the Love’

    Marks and Spencer unveiled their “Share the Love” offer, with a special V-Day Digital Promo that offered entrees the chance to win flowers for an entire year.

    velentines campaigns


    We’re not too sure if this is real….

  • In-store Navigation and Visibility

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    Following a recent report by GDR, we decided to investigate how easy it is to navigate product selection in a local Morrisons grocery store.  Paying particular attention to the way the retailer helped customers with styles of merchandising and interesting POS solutions, we wanted to see whether they worked and whether they succeeded in aiding the customers shopping experience by simplifying purchase decisions.


    Morrisons 1/14

    The wine aisle is spacious; much more inviting than other supermarkets. As well as being centrally located within the store, stock is clearly segmented by price. Colour is also used to segment e.g. Red floor decal = £5 / Green floor decal = £8


    Morrisons 1/14

     Chalkboard style signage is used to recommend wine to accompany food – This is really helpful, especially for uncertain customers who have little experience with pairing wine with food.


    Morrisons 1/14

    Great use of engaging branded floor decals in-store.


    photo 4

    An visually effective use of own-brand ”typographic’ wine boxes. 


    Meanwhile in other areas of the shop….


    morrisons 1/14

     More branded floor decals, that add a fun reminder of the brands on offer.


    morrisons 1/14

    We loved these misting machines, that are built-in on shelf! Designed to keep fresh produce fresh for longer, they also act as a really clever way to attract customer engagement as they are one of the first things you see when entering the store. The water mist settles on the produce making it look even more tempting and fresh. Just think ‘Coke bottle condensation’ but on a cabbage…

    morrisons 1/14



    By Sebastian Masih

  • Ooh! Beauty-ful!!!

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    Libertys New Year Resolution

    Inspired by Liberty’s New Year’s resolution to be ‘more polished’ this year, we have taken a little peruse of some of the latest beauty and personal care campaigns, Shopper Marketing, packaging and digital executions. Here are our beauty picks:

    Old Spice: Smellcome to Manhood / Momsong

    It’s pretty hard to beat the man in the towel, on the horse, looking at me, looking at you, but we can’t get enough of this slightly creepy and crazy new video that is part of the Old Spice, Smellcome to Manhood campaign.

    They’ve also developed a fun website to showcase their new range. (but need to sort out the half disappearing logo!)

    Old Spice Mom Song

    Particularly pleasing to see,  is how the new products have been described on eCommerce chemists Boots. It’s great (yet worryingly unusual) to see a fun tone of voice translating all the way to the product description Online:

    Old Spice eCommerce Tone of Voice

    Axe: Make Love Not War

    A very dramatic and unexpectedly impactful campaign from Axe (or Lynx in the UK).

    Marking a departure from Axe’s usual tongue in cheek, ‘Axe makes you irrisistable to the female sex’ approach, this ad still promotes the idea that Axe helps you get the girl, but uses classic war film cinematography to bring to life the slogan ‘Make Love Not War’, whilst promoting peace in a fun and highly shareable way.

    Axe linked up with Peace One Day, a non-profit charity, dedicated to institutionalizing Sept. 21 as an international ceasefire Peace Day. Axe also donated $250,000 to the organization and is promoting the charity in its ads and on Facebook and using the twitter hashtag #KissForPeace

    Axe, Make Love not War, Vivid Brand Blog

    Axe, Make Love not War, Vivid Brand Blog

    Fun content on Facebook from Axe

    Benefit Airport Vending

    We’ve all been there at the airport, thinking we need more lipstick… so thank you Benefit for coming up with this brilliant and creative vending solution.

    Benefit Airport Vending Machine_Vivid Brand Blog

    Benefit Airport Vending Machine_Vivid Brand Blog

    Benefit Airport Vending Machine_Vivid Brand Blog

    Shu Umera

    The brand have created an 8 point systems of essential tools and products to make yourself beautiful. Clear, simple and effective, this is a great Shopper focused approach to breakdown and simplify the selling process and provide a tool and discussion point at POS for the Salesperson.

    Shu Umera _Vivid Brand Blog


    Beautifully executed display from Clarins, bringing the natural ingredients of these face serums to life in a delicate and pretty way.

    Each serum’s ingredients appear to be ‘scattered’ across glass tables or POS as if the petals are floating ‘pot pourri’. The effect is quite captivating and reinforces the natural ingredients, whilst encouraging the Shopper to touch and investigate further. Leaflets and POS provide information to help product decisions.

    Clarins _Vivid Brand Blog


    Great display from Clinique, promoting the use of their new Daily Moisturiser by linking to morning rituals.

    Clinique, Viivd Brand Blog

    Clinique, Vivid Brand Blog

    It did make me crave a boiled egg,  toast and cup of char though -- I’m not sure this was the intention! ;)

    Liberty’s Beauty Hall

    Libertys sell all the beauty bits and bobs to make you look fab on the outside and now they are helping you to work on your beauty from within as well. Rock over to the Juice O’Clock chiller from Plenishand select from a range of juices for ‘bright eyes’ or ‘alkalinity’ to improve your inner glow and outer radiance.

    Plenish Juice o clock, Libertys, Vivid Brand Blog 

    Plenish Juice o clock, Libertys, Vivid Brand Blog

    You can also sign up to their 7 day cleanse online:

    Plenish_Vivid Brand

    King Of Shaves

    Introducing the new Hydroglide razor from King of Shaves. Check out their advert  -- you’ll notice all is not as it originally seems….

    Dollar Shave Club

    This has been around a while, but it still makes us giggle every time we watch the intro video. It’s a refeshingly pragmatic and humorous approach to male grooming that is worlds apart from ‘the best a man can get’.


    This humorous packaging for Manatomicals mens beauty grooming is macho and quirky and bold.

    Manatomicals Packaging _ Vivid Brand

    The tone of voice, copy and typography are integral to the success of this range with colour coding utilised to categorise product types and make it easier to shop on shelf.

    Manatomicals Energy Hair-Body Wash_ Vivid Brand

     Mor Beauty Packaging

    Consistently stunning packaging is produced by Mor, with beautiful illustrations, designs and premium details such as the wax seal and high grade paper.

    In the case of the liquid soaps below, the packaging has become integral to the product, transforming it into a designer item that would look fabulous in any bathroom.

    Mor Packaging

    Mor Packaging

    Soapsmith Soap

    Locally produced soap from Brick Lane in London, features scents and names inspired by local areas such as Brick Lane, Bloomsbury and Baker Street. Each soap is embossed with the Soapsmiths ‘S’ brand and the packaging features an illustrative map of the revelant streets of the area.

    Stylish and simple and very ‘east London’.

      Soapsmith Soap_ Vivid Brand Blog  Soapsmith Soap_ Vivid Brand Blog

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