• Friday Fun

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    In this world of global branding and marketing, it’s not often that brands make mistakes, but we happened across a few clangers that have made it on to the shelves. We felt it only fair to share the sniggering with you.

    Lovely on a bit of toast..

    More than a mouthful is just too fattening.

    Say it how it is!

    Lovely bit of warming broth.

    Nothing makes you feel cleaner than a scrub down with after birth.

    Try this with a spot of:


    You might need this to clean your mouth out with afterwards though ;)

    For more hysterical brand names, check out our Pinterest board here.

  • Fast food

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    Yo Sushi are taking fast food to a whole new level with their flying fish concept. Not quite flying out of the water, but flying out the Kitchen thanks to some nifty remote controlled gadetry. Waitressing suddenly looks like much more fun than I recall!

    Check out the Video:

    Or maybe you fancy Pizza?

    The most innovative use of digital interactivity has to go to Inamo in Soho or St James St, in London.


    Here you use interactive tables to select your food and drinks, call your waiter, change the table cloth or play games (if your date is not going so well). You can also discover  nearby hot spots to try out after your meal. Not only is this restaurant great fun and a true experience, it also serves amazing Asian fusian food and the black cod is to die for.

  • Vivid Brand wins two POPAI awards

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    Vivid Brand entered the POPAI 2013 awards for the first time this year and were thrilled to walk away with two glittering POPAI awards at the glamorous ceremony held at the Hilton, Park Lane, London.

    The POPAI awards celebrate the best of British and Irish point of purchase , identifying and honouring the best in class and recognising those who strive for excellence, spearhead innovation and showcase ingenuity.  

     The awards consist of 19 categories and are judged by a panel of experts from some of the UK’s biggest retailers and brands in the industry.

     Vivid Brand won awards for the Philips Small Domestic Appliances project in China and also for the SAB Miller Interspar shop, developed for the Czech Republic.  

     Andy & Popai_Award

    Andy Scott, CEO at Vivid Brand said: “We had a great night mingling with our contemporaries at the POPAI awards and were so pleased to be recognised amongst 63 competing agencies and manufacturers for the creative POP solutions we developed for SAB Miller and Philips. Both were excellent, category shop in shop solutions that involved brand communication, segmentation, store signage, creative shopper marketing communication, and clever use of materials at fixture to ensure brand standout in store. The Philips project also utilised digital panels and displays to evoke a high tech feel.”

     Martin Kingdom, Director General of Popai UK & Ireland congratulated the winners, saying” ..taking home a coveted POPAI Awards is a huge achievement and you should feel very proud.”

     The full gallery of winners can be seen on the POPAI website.

    Bronze award, POPAI, Vivid Brand Awards Bronze award, POPAI, Vivid Brand Awards

  • Vivid Brand’s Cool Brands

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    So Coolbrands have launched their top 20 UK Cool brands and it got us debating in the office. So here are Vivid Brand’s selected Cool brands from the peeps in the office:

    Rachel W’s top 3 Cool brands: 

    1) Cutler & Gross:

    Cutler & Gross make stunning and super cool optical and sunglasses designs, have a simple, and stylish website and created fab stylised photography to showcase their products. The staff are also very helpful and stylish in store, without making you feel you are not cool enough for school (like some places in E. London we could mention).  They offer a bespoke service so you can create your very own frames in a private area, showcasing their library of retro frames back to the sixties, which is worth a look in itself. 

    Cutler & Gross, Cool Brands, Vivid Brand


    cutler-and-gross-sunglasses_ Cool Brands

    bailey_caine_Cutler & Gross Michael Caine shot by David Bailey in Cutler & Gross glasses

    2)  Mad Men

    TV shows have become extremely savvy in crafting brand identities and Mad Men has excelled. The creative direction is superb, from the show logo, identity and graphics, to the clothing, photography and styling. It’s always consistently brilliant. Sterling Cooper has even released his own advertising book filled with his pithy quotes.

    Mad-Men_Cool brands_Vivid Brand blog

    Mad-Men_Cool brands_Vivid Brand blog

    3) Brooks England

    I love the British craftsmanship of this bike brand, their stunning photography and attention to detail. The brand is really well crafted and consistent in it’s application of brand values and ethos, from the product through to their imagery and website.

    brooks-england_Cool Brands_Vivid Brand

    brooks-england_Cool Brands_Vivid Brand

    brooks _ Cool Brands

    Christopher’s top 3 cool brands:

    1) Absolut Vodka:
    Love the constant regeneration of an iconic drinks brand. The recent cities packaging was a great way to increase frequency of purchase by creating collectables.
    absolut-cities_Cool Brands_Vivid Brand Blog
    jamie-hewlett-vodka-absolut_Cool Brands
    The London Absolut Vodka, illustrated by Jamie Hewlett
    2) Braun Watches:
    I like the minimalist style.
    Braun watches_Cool Brands
    3) Fab
    Bringing affordable designer products to the home.
    Fab_ Cool Brands

    Rachel F’s top 3 cool brands:

    1) Bleach London
    It’s Fun & playful. It has cool celebs attached to brand – bands/models etc.. (inspirational/ artistic people) and has a great use of social media/web
    Bleach_Cool brands_Vivid Brand Blog
    2) Acne Studios
    Slick, minimal & modern and always photographed on  the ‘right’ celebs. Not too obvious branding helps to make it desirable – you can’ t spot it right away unless you know the brand and this creates a feeling of exclusivity. The brand’s products are well made and more expensive than the high street but not so expensive that it is considered to be ‘exclusive’ designer, so people can realistically aspire to own Acne fashions.
    acne-Cool brands_vivid brand blog
    3) Instagram
    Instagram-Cool Brands_ vivid brand blog

    Gideon’s top 3 cool brands:

    1) Belstaff
    Classic and vintage clothes made modern and cool.
    Belstaff_Cool Brands_ Vivid Brand
    2) Triumph
    Iconic and timeless.
    Triumph_Cool Brands
    3) The Royal Marines
    Superb, emotive recruitment campaign that shows what life is really like in the Marines. 
    The Marines used the Quantam of Sollace  James Bond cinema screenings as an opportunity to recruit, by using bluetooth media to broadcast a 45sec video that showcased the qualities that sets the elite marines apart from army recruits. The video then linked to their website for recruitment. 
    royal-marines-commandos-recruitment-Vivid Brand
    royal-marines-commandos-recruitment-Vivid Brand

    Chris’s top 3 Cool brands: 

    1) Rapha Cycle clothing
    They’re beautifully made, effective, have a retro style & great colourways
    Rapha_ Cool Brands_Vivid Brand
    2) Porshe 911
     The evolution of a brand to the point of perfection – the best, most useable sports car in the world! (in my opinion) 
    50-years-of-porsche-911-9_ Cool Brands_ Vivid Brand
    3) Lego: 
    Still the best kids toy on the market after 50 years / continually re inventing itself – real brand elasticity!
    Lego, Cool Brands, Vivid Brand

    Paul’s top 3 cool brands:


    Fun colourful quirky and irreverant.

    Rizla_ Cool Brands

    Rizla_ Cool Brands

    2) Hendricks Gin:

    Genius idea to stick a cucumber in to a nice glass of gin, to create a new serving suggestion that has a better taste experience than any other gin.

    hendricks_gin_Cool Brands_ Vivid brand blog

    hendricks_gin_Cool Brands_ Vivid brand blog

    3) Richard James

    This guy is a Saville Row tailor. His cut is all about the silhouette.

    Richard James, Cool Brands

    Lily’s top 3 cool brands:

    1) Louis Vuitton

    Constant reinvention of their brand using famous artists interpretations of the iconic logo.

    Louis_Vuitton_Cool Brands

    2) The Mini (car) 

    Such a chic brand.

    mini_one_Cool Brands

    3) STYLIST & SHORTLIST magazines:

     They’ve come from nowhere but are a must read every Tuesday. Great snippets of current trends, fashion and lifestyle relevant to London life.

    StylistUK_cool brands

    Check out the Official Cool Brands UK list here:

    Cool Brands 2013

  • It’s Fabulous Friday

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    In honour of it being Friday and almost the weekend (huzzah!) we are celebrating all that is good about the world today, Fabulous Friday, with your good selves.

    Peruse, share and enjoy:

    Gnasher of Beano fame is licensing his hairy little body to dog toys. Grrr!

     Gnasher_Beano POS

    Marmite are on a roll (get it?!) with their campaigns right now

    We loved their ‘Don’t neglect’ campaign:

    Now Marmite are focusing on driving consumption with a ‘Love it of Hate It, but don’t forget it’ campaign. This really demonstrates how insights can shape a Shopper Marketing campaign and drive frequency of purchase.

    Marmite Neglected Campaign

    Superb Lego Thriller animation by someone who has WAY too much time on their hands:

    Lego Thriller

    Watch Video

    Tempting campaign from McCain featuring yummy looking chips and great tone of voice

    McCains tempting campaign

    Vodafone finally make good use of Yoda licensing deal

    Sainsbury’s respond to price matching

    Sainsbury's Print Advert

    Clever way to re-position your value when it now all seems to be about price.

    Carlton Beer Print Ads

    Carlton beer Advertising

    Hide & Eeek book reveals it’s story only under torchlight

    Hide & eek Book

    Hide & eek Book

    Hide & eek Book

    Hide & eek Book

    Buy here

    Cute animation from Coke:

  • Vivid Brand wins Asian Retail Innovation Award

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    The Award Winner
    (Dorian Bezzina of Vivid Brand Asia, pictured second from right)

    Vivid Brand has fought off 6 agencies in Asia to win an award at the Retail Innovation Awards, 2013.

    Sponsored by Retail in Asia and Retail Tech Innovation, these awards aim to recognise excellence in retail, by paying tribute to companies that provide outstanding technologies, products and services to support the booming Asian retail sector.

    The annual competition uses a dynamic selection process involving Retail in Asia and Retail Tech Innovation readers and the members of supporting organizations, who nominate and vote on who they think is most deserving.

    “Award winners are acknowledged by our readers as the leading and most innovative providers for today’s retail industry. They have clearly demonstrated a high level of service quality and technology excellence, which has ultimately resulted in these awards” said Sheila Lam, editor of Retail Tech Innovation.

    The Awards consist of 17 categories, covering three major areas. Vivid Brand won the In store Design Services category for creating ‘memorable shopper experiences’.

    Gideon Karmiloff, MD at Vivid Brand said: “We are excited to win this award and pleased to get recognition for the creative we have executed in Asia for brands such as Maggi, Milo & Panadol”.

    Dorian Bezzina, Business Development Manager at Vivid Brand Asia, gathered with more than 100 delegates from the top retailers in Asia, to collect the award at the official awards presentation ceremony on June 25th in Hong Kong.

    To contact Vivid Brand Asia please e-mail: Dorian@vividbrand.com 

    Tel: +852 6343 8947


  • Thoughts on Multiples Vs Independents

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    Opinions from the Vivid Brand Forum

    It’s not just time-poor urbanites who gravitate to the multiple convenient store (MCS) as a one-stop shop solution. Most of us would happily trim half an hour off our routine shop, and if you do live in a city, chances are that a Sainsbury’s Local, Tesco Metro, or one of their many rivals, helps you do exactly that.

    While you’re scanning the Taste the Difference sausages before grabbing a copy of your favorite mag and some flowers for Mother’s Day, you could be at the independent butchers down the road, having an informative chat about about sage and black pepper bangers. But would it be worth the extra ten minutes?

    Some will say that as far as MCS are concerned, poor value for money is the price of convenience, and that if shoppers put in a little extra time and effort, not only would they bring home superior products, but contribute to a richer independent and local retail environment, in doing so.

    But instead of waiting for Shoppers to wake up and smell the locally sourced bacon, it might be more productive for retailers to find ways of earning that extra effort from Shoppers. So what can independent, single-category retailers like Butchers, Bakers, Florists, and Wine merchants do to earn the footfall they need to thrive?

    One of the topics examined at the recent Vivid Forum was that of customer loyalty, which was generally regarded a less-than-meaningful concept in today’s high-churn marketplace. The idea of a shopper staying ‘loyal’ to a retailer despite valid reasons to go elsewhere, simply doesn’t chime with many consumer attitudes. “I think that retailers should be loyal to us, not the other way round,” said Gideon Karmiloff, Managing Director at Vivid Brand. But what does it mean for a retailer to be loyal to their customers?

    Well if convenience is King, how about saving them some time, or at least ensuring that they don’t waste any. An innovative approach to this, involves adopting digital operations. If consumers could check that their local butcher has those incredible jerk sausages in stock via a twitter account, they may be more inclined to swing in and pick some up on the way home from Tesco’s. If they’re out of stock, you could pre-order them for pick-up at a convenient time the next day. Even when attracting shoppers away from MCS necessarily means extending their journey overall, the power of ‘perceived minutes saved’ is perhaps not to be underestimated.

    Another theme discussed during the Forum was retailer expertise. Whilst MCS may have their own designs on being loyal to customers through big-data personalisation, your local wine merchant’s specialist knowledge is unlikely to be challenged by the customer assistants at Tesco Metro. But does the average Shopper care enough about wine or sausages, for retailer expertise to attract increased footfall? Is it up to retailers to market themselves in ways that create value from that expertise, and evoke excitement in choices shoppers didn’t know they had?

    Granted, a nippy evening in October may not be prime time to do this, as Greg Schultz, Design Director at Vivid explains: “…Bakers, Butchers, they’ve all got an expert product. It’s better than you get in a Tesco’s and it has to be. So it’s about getting the product out there and driving awareness of what is available. Do people really mind about in-store theatre on weekdays? They probably just want the product. But having a fun environment around the product on weekends, with stuff for the kids to do – well that’s likely to generate incremental business.” In a similar vein, Gideon once suggested that his local butcher sell bacon rolls to commuters in the morning – a great way to drive awareness of the store and their products, not to mention routine interaction.

    The value of interacting with consumers  is strictly speaking unquantifiable. To what extent do retailers benefit in business terms from chatting with their customers? Clearly there is no hard-and-fast rule to apply here, but if something resembling traditional loyalty still exists, it is surely won through face-to-face conversation.

    We at Vivid Brand regularly frequent Pret a Manger throughout the day. Rachel, Digital Director at Vivid explained that despite being a big chain, Pret have cleverly combined the personable feel you might get from an independent sandwich store by always saying hi, commenting on our clothes, asking how our day is and sometimes ‘treating us’ with free coffees and deserts. “Such a lovely personal touch that you could NEVER imagine happening in the local Tesco Metro! “

    Added value can also be generated through an investment in the idioms of provenance and transparency, not to mention the layer of bespoke and artisanal service that MCS are unable to roll out across diverse regions of the country.

    In summary, if local experts are to realise their advantages, they may have to innovate in ways that not only minimise  Shoppers’ perception of their journey being extended, but attract them to the superior choices and the retail experiences that only expert retailers can provide. Smiles and ‘how are yous’ can hurt either.

  • Maggi 2 Minute Noodles

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    Maggi Adjacency Shelf Talker, Vivid Brand

    Maggi Category Display, Vivid Brand Blog

    Maggi Shelf Talker, Vivid Brand

  • Hurrah, Huzzah! Woop Woop!

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    Popai Awards, Vivid Brand

    We are pleased to announce that we have been nominated for not one, but two Popai awards.  

    Popai UK and Ireland aim to recognise the very best in Point of Purchase at retail. The annual competition is judged by Popai and a judging panel comprising senior marketing personnel from the UK and Ireland’s most successful global brands. Enrants who were considered most deserving were announced as shortlisted, at the recent Marketing Week Live conference, at Olympia London.

    The Awards consist of 19 categories and Vivid Brand have been nominated for Category 9) for Philips Small Domestic Appliances and Category 15a) for the SAB Miller Interspar shop.  

    Andy Scott, CEO at Vivid Brand said: “We are really proud to be shortlisted for two awards by Popai. The SAB project was both fascinating and challenging. We took the category from beer crates on the shop floor and developed this into a consistent, unified category that immersed the Shopper in the world of Beer and Lager.  We were given creative direction over the entire job; from the concept, shopper marketing planning, shopper communication, to the design of the graphics, fixtures, fittings and materials. I am sure this is why we have achieved such a great result. The Philips job required us to elevate the brand’s visibility and presence in a busy Chinese shopping environment and we did this by producing a very chic Philips shop in shop, keeping true to the brand and considering the information and touchpoints the Shopper needed as they browsed the range. We are thrilled to be recognised for some of the great work we’ve produced this year and it’s always good to be kept on our toes.”

    Vivid Brand will be attending Popai’s official awards presentation ceremony on 1st October at the Hilton Park Lane, London.   

    See our nominated work here:

    Category 15a) for the SAB Miller Interspar shop

    SAB Miller, Vivid Brand


    Category 9) for Philips Small Domestic Appliances

    Philips SDA, Vivid Brand

  • We’re loving…

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    by Wayne Sparrowhawk

    “Love it. Beautiful animation. It’s clever how it shows the innovation of Honda from robots, to speedoats and cars through the years. The technical side of this has been really well executed too”


    Skittle Figurines

    by Mako Ma

    “Really interesting way to express the campaign idea”


    Ooh Ah Ah Packaging

    by Greg Shultz

    “It’s all about the name and the illustration.”

    Packaging, Vivid Brand Blog

    Scaramouche & Fandango Packaging

    By Greg Shultz

    “Striking standout for men’s healthcare range. Boom!”

    Scaramouche & Fandango by Sheridan & Co, Vivid Brand Blog

    Scaramouche & Fandango by Sheridan & Co, Vivid Brand Blog\Scaramouche & Fandango by Sheridan & Co, Vivid Brand Blog

    Gingery & Furry campaign for ComparetheMarket.com

    by Rachel Wilkinson

    “The OTT naff-ness of this really made me laugh. Consistently good tone of voice is used for this ongoing campaign. Followed up with a good twitter #meerkatduet”


    #bemoredog by O2

    by Rachel Wilkinson

    “O2 have cleverly leveraged people’s love of pets and desire to share cat/dog pictures socially (cats are one of the highest shared topics on social networks) to drive visibility and awareness of their brand. The TV ad is hysterical and this is cleverly supported by timely, relevant social content using the #bemoredog. “


    “O2 are also issuing random, on the spot rewards to their fans. One fan called Rachel, posted she was heading into London and O2 booked her a table for 2 at trendy techy restaurant Inamo.

    #bemoredog, Vivid Brand Blog

    #bemoredog, Vivid Brand Blog

    #bemoredog, Vivid Brand Blog

    #bemoredog, Vivid Brand Blog


    Whiskas ‘Little Cat’ Campaign

    by Rachel Wilkinson

    “I love the thought of my little Borris (my cat!) out in the wilds of Africa hunting down Zebra. It makes you appreciate your cat in a totally different way. “

    Whiskas, Vivid Brand

    Whiskas, Vivid Brand

    Whiskas, Vivid Brand

    Cafe Nero

    by Greg Shultz

    “Photography for Summer Frappés: Who wouldn’t want one?”

     cafenero_Vivid Brand Blog

    cafe nero_Vivid Brand Blog

    Smart Cities

     by Seb Masih:

    “An engaging way of promoting ‘Smarter Cities’ campaign”

     Smart Cities, Vivid Brand Blog

    Watch the video

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