• A Hunger for Scottish Brands

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    With not long to go before the votes are in to decide whether or not Scotland will remain as part of the United Kingdom, we look at some of our favourite Scottish food brands:

    Glenfiddich Scotch Whiskey

    One of Scotland’s finest exports!

    glenfiddich whickey, scottish brands, scottish independence, shopper marketing

    Irn Bru

    Often described as Scotland’s ‘other national drink’ (after Scotch whiskey)!

    Irn-Bru, scottish brands, shopper marketing, vivid brand

    Scotts Porridge Oats

    Staple to the diet of traditional highlanders and to most of the UK too!

    scotts oats, scottish brands, scottish independence, shopper marketing

    Mackie’s of Scotland

    Mackie’s is well known for two of life’s luxuries, crisps and ice cream! The ice cream part of the business positions itself as a prestige brand, with strong revenue in both Scotland and across the rest of the UK.

    Mackies of scotland icecream, shopper marketing

    Walkers Shortbread

    A true taste of Scotland and a UK cupboard treat essential

    walkers shortbread, scottish brands, scottish independence, shopper marketing

    Nairns Oatcakes

    Oatcakes have been described as being the “mainstay of Scottish breads for centuries”.

    nairns oatcakes, scottish brands, scottish independence, vivid brand,

    Tunnocks Snowballs

    In June of this year Tunnocks won a lengthy legal fight to prove that once and for all that their products are cakes rather than sweets – despite a complete lack of sponge, hmm

    tunnocks snowballs, scottish brands, shopper marketing

    Baxters Soup

    Providing us with lunches for more than 80 years, Baxters Soups all started with the introduction of Royal Game in 1929 but now provide a wide selection of classic and contemporary flavours.

    baxters soup, scottish brands, shopper marketing

     Rowan Glenn Yoghurt

    The only natural Scottish yoghurt producer and in 2009 made it to number 19  in the overall top 50 Scottish Grocery brands.

    rowan glenn yoghurt, scottish brands, shopper marketing

    Border Biscuits

    Winner of the Biscuit Company of the Year in 2012 at the Food Manufacturing Excellence Awards, the company is set to continue to grow and fly the flag for Scottish food manufacturing.

    border strawberry shortbread, scottish brands, scottish independence, shopper marketing

  • LFW: A digital Perspective

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    The fashion community is known for a forward thinking ethos, for trying new things, and taking risks with their designs, and in more recent times, with their involvement in digital. This September, London Fashion Week showcased this pairing more than ever, as fashion brands across the catwalk were seen embracing technology to reach the public in entirely new and innovative ways. With an emphasis on social media, brands connected with people at the events and with those who were elsewhere, on computer and through mobile technology.

    The involvement of digital and social media creates major opportunities for brands taking part in LWF. Research from Twitter and Critical Vision found that 78% of LFW attendees planned to tweet during the event, 44% will use Twitter to find out more details of high street designs and 37% will use Twitter to find out where to buy items they have seen during the shows. In addition to this, it is important to bear in mind that over 70% of social networking is done via mobile, and, according to Millenial Media, 97% of ‘fashionistas’ use their mobile devices whilst shopping in-store. All of which means that social media as a way of promoting Fashion Week has a clear benefit of being accessible to a massive percentage of consumers both at the show or away.


    “Reputation for style is now placed firmly in the hands of social networkers” – HootSuite’s Merinda Peppard on LFW 



    “Digital is part of the language every day now, the way we think, and the way we connect with customers,” Carole Fairweather, finance director of Burberry

    Burberry’s LFW show was live streamed and documented on an array of social media sites such as Twtter, Facebook and it’s own website, meaning fans were able to tune in from a variety of sources. Shareable content and interesting updates were shared with followers to provide intimate access no matter where they were viewing from.

    LFW burberry social media and digital activations

    Always one to lead the way with the integration of fashion with new technology, Burberry was one of the first to pioneer live-streaming shows back in 2010 and even has it’s own social media site, Art of the Trench. This Septembers LFW saw the brand working with Twitter to trial a new ‘buy’ button, which allows Twitter users to make purchases straight from the runway. 

    Not content with this digital first, the brand also used YouTube to trial a new beta function that allowed viewers to watch highlights from the show whilst moving through layers of content. Creating a real ‘behind the scenes’ environment the site included stories behind the seasons inspiration, details of make-up looks, the soundtrack used for the show, as well as the reactions from the guests.

    Burberry also made use of Instagram’s new app, Hyperlapse, to publish time-lapse videos during the countdown to the show.

    burberry lfw hyperlapse



    The high street giant reached out to its customers via social media with an interactive digital screen in its Oxford Street window to create a ‘Social Catwalk’. The screen was used to provide a streaming of the Topshop Unique show, as well as allowing Instagrammers to take photos on a recreation of the Topshop Unique red carpet, that they could then digitally post to the window using #TopshopWindow. The screen became a fully interactive digital mosaic that customers could manipulate as they would a table, to open and enlarge specific tiles on the screen.


    The first brand to debut looks from a catwalk collection on social media, they worked closely with Facebook and Instagram to share some of their key SS15 looks before they appeared anywhere else. Six pieces from the collection were also available to buy online or in-store immediately after the show as the brand sought to make fashion week more accessible to its younger customer base. By putting the shopper at the heart of their Fashion Week experience, Topshop democratises fashion and communicates directly with the people who ultimately dictate the success of their wares thus forging a deeper relationship between retailer and customer.


     #topshopwindow LFW ss15 digital marketing vivid brand


    #topshopwindow LFW ss15 digital marketing vivid brand 

    topshop unique lfw ss15


    The historic British brand, famous for it’s wellington boots, is only in its second ever season of showing on the runway. However, this hasn’t stopped it from using innovative digital technology to reach their fans.

     hunter lfw ss15 vivid brand


    The brand partnered with real-tme video start-up Grabyo, to evolve their live streaming by delivering near live edited highlights that were shared on Twitter. These key moments were delivered in the form of 10-45 second clips of the runway show and could be viewed both on desktop and mobile. Most importantly these clips used geo-targeting on Twitter so that the content and the items shown would be reflective of the particular users region and climate. Meaning that a user in LA will have completely different content to say, a user in Scotland, enabling the brand to have more relevant and engaging conversation with consumers on a local level.

      Hunter boots lfw ss15 digital vivid brand

    House of Holland

    Designer Henry Holland partnered with online fitting room company Metail to create a world first LFW experience! Together they allowed customers to watch a live stream of the SS15 show, as well as create an avatar of themselves so that they could virtually try on clothing from the show in real time. They were then able to pre-order the items they liked!

    House of holland LFW SS15 vivid brand


  • Wearable Tech

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    Although not available until next year, the much anticipated Apple Watch (which was revealed at a PR event last night) is THE most talked about piece of technology of the year. Set to feature a brand new interface, the Apple Watch uses a ‘digital crown’ (the dial on the side of an analogue watch to wind it up) to zoom in and out and scroll up and down so fingers don’t block the information on the screen. The watch can sense when you raise your wrist which prompts it to activate the flexible retina display, while notifications and alerts can be felt as well as heard. Hot on the heels of rising tablet and smartphone ownership, wearable technology looks set to be the next big thing that will start to break into the mainstream in 2014. We had a look at ways that wearable technology could enhance the shopper marketing experience:

    apple watch, wearable tech, shopper marketing

    Creating a Personalised Shopping Experience

    Retailers can use wearable technology to provide a unique and personalised omni-channel shopping experience for consumers. For example, a shopper wearing Google Glass or a smart watch could monitor their past purchases, then as he walks through the cheese section at a supermarket the retailer could send him a message detailing offers on his favourite products and suggest possible new pairings to these with store locations to make the process as simple as possible. This enhancement of the retail experience would revitalise the in-store experience and provide a more engaging and convenient shopping trip which would in turn drive conversion.

    google glass, wearable tech, shopper marketing

    Strengthening the Connection Between Retailer and Shopper

    Wearable technology can enhance the retail experience by providing a ‘hands-on’ experience that communicates with customers at all levels of the shopping cycle. Retailers can communicate with the customer whilst they are at home, when in the store, and then after they leave meaning that they are never far from the customers thoughts and can cater their content and communication accordingly. This level of attentiveness makes the customer feel valued and understood by the retailer and thus creates a bond and hopefully loyalty. Nike offers this service with their Fuel band and bluetooth encrypted trainers, by communicating with the wearer constantly and creating a strong association between the brand and all over body maintenance.

    nike fuel, wearable technology, shopper marketing

    nike hyperdunk trainers, wearable technology, shopper marketing


    Targeted Context Marketing

    By monitoring the activity that customers partake in, retailers could offer real-time targeted products at precise points in the shopping cycle. An example of this could be when a consumer checks their smart device to view their fitness goals, a sports brand could pop up an ad or coupon to alert them of a deal on a relevant product. This type of targeted marketing could also be used at events to advertise products subliminally through LED garments worn by waiting staff in HORECAL, an example of this type of product can be seen below in fashion designer Hussein Chalayan’s LED dress that could be purposed to send advertising messages to shoppers!

    hussein chalayan led dress, wearable tech, shopper marketing

    Improved Engagement 

    Retailers could benefit from equipping their employees with wearable smart devices, as a way of delivering up-to-date product information to the employee who can then deliver expanded service to in-store shoppers. An example of this could be when a shopper asks a member of staff how to prepare and cook a certain product by which the staff member could instantly use their wearable technology, such as the Lumus Optical (seen below), to look up the information and then either share verbally or digitally depending on whether the shopper has their own smart device. This would improve customer service and increase the chance of sales.

    lumus, wearable technology, shopper marketing 


  • Crafty Crisps

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    Food marketing has become a critical part of how consumers interact with the food they eat. Because we live in a society that is hyper-infused with countless food ads, branding, commercials and packaging all striving to grab the attention of our growling stomachs, food marketing has become a treacherous field of companies competing against companies to instantly target the stomachs and wallets of busy consumers. 

    We love this print campaign by Kettle Chips which celebrates and echoes Kettle’s own process for creating their perfectly seasoned handcooked chips by using ‘real food ingredients’ not flavourings. The brand did this by enlisting sculptors to recreate Kettle crisps packets out of different materials to show the association between Kettle chips and craftsmanship.

    The materials used were:



    kettle chips lovingly crafted campaign


    kettle chips lovingly crafted campaign


    kettle chips lovingly crafted campaign

    A great campaign that captures the essence of Kettle crisps, by continuing the association between Kettle Chips and craftsmanship   as well as offering something different and interesting for the consumer!

    This is not the first time that Kettle has celebrated craft in a campaign, in the below video they worked with a contemporary embroiderer who stitched the packaging and ingredients to emphasise the authenticity of the ingredients, having been ‘picked, gathered and grown’.

    Kettle Chips lovingly crafted

    It also cleverly ties in with their online presence and even ‘hand picked’ website competitions

    Kettle Chips lovingly crafted


  • Shokumentary

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    A fascinating look into shock advertising from The Drum.

    Starring top creatives John Jessup (formerly of Leo Burnett) and Marc Lewis (School of Communication Arts), along with no-nonsense brands BrewDog, Peta and Death Cigarettes, the film asks whether shock tactics still have a place in modern advertising.

    Are brands too boring these days? Watch Shockumentary and decide for yourself.

  • Digital Stats Roundup

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    12 useful digital and Social stats you should be aware of when planning your shopper marketing campaigns:


    23% of teens consider Instagram to be their favourite social network (Digital Insights)

    instagram is favourite network of teens

    Internet advertising will make up nearly 25% of the entire ad market by 2015 (WebDAM)

    internet advertising

    On a typical day millennial consumers share an average of six pieces of content via social media and five via email (SDL.com)

    content sharing

    42% of grocery shoppers will very likely use their smartphones to access digital coupons (Retail Feedback Group)

    digital coupons via smartphones

    75% of the engagement on a Facebook post happens in the first 5 hours. (Digital Insights)

    facebook engagement

    48% of emails are opened on mobile devices and 25% are opened on Iphones (Litmus)

    communicating via mobile devices

    65% of your audience are visual learners(WebDAM)

    visual learners

    94% of Facebook users respond to advertising through site(The E-Tailing Group)

    facebook marketing

    Visual data is processed 60,000 times faster by the brain than text (WebDAM)

    visual data is processed faster

    67% of millenials use multiple devices daily (SDL.com)

    millenials use multi devices daily

    Emails with social sharing buttons increase click through rates by 158% (adgcreative.net)

    social sharing

    78% of consumers will buy in-store after browsing online (Accenture)

    online shopping

  • I Scream, You Scream, We All Scream for Ice Cream

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    When the temperature rises, there is no better remedy than an ice cold snack. We got the scoop on the various ways that Ice Cream can reach out to the public during the summery months:

    Facebook’s Ice Cream Van

    Facebook launched a campaign designed to encourage agencies to use its social platform for mobile advertising as it says traditional media consumption dips over the summer. The activities included the social site sending teaser postcards and then followed up with an ice-cream van tour of 22 agencies in London, as well as agencies in France, Poland and Germany.

    facebook ice cream van

    Facebook!!! YOU MISSED US!!!! 26-34 Emerald St, London. Call me! 


    …  Although not created by Facebook, some Croatian genius’ came up with the idea to produce Facebook flavoured ice-cream! Albeit simply white ice-cream with blue decoration, the flavour has become a big hit with the tourists!

    facebook ice cream 


    The real life equivalent to the colour changing bubble gum made famous in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Xameleo is a new wave of ice-cream that changes colour as you eat it!


    xamaleon colour changing ice cream



    With the rise of juice diets and the push to make vegetables the centerpiece of every meal, Haagan-Dazs Japan have released a range of vegetable-flavoured ice creams as part of their “Spoon Vege” line, in a bid to appeal to the more health conscious of customers… we will have to watch this space to see if it catches on enough to come over to the UK (hopefully not)!

    haagen dazs vegetable ice cream


    In July, users of the Uber smartphone app could request an ice cream van drive to their location and can pay for the transaction via the app, without having to use cash!

    uber ice cream


    Magnum have been around for 25 years! Yes TWENTY FIVE YEARS! Who knew?! How did old people live in summer without Magnum? It’s a mystery! To celebrate this momentous anniversary, Magnum have been running a whole hose of activity online, socially and in store. 

    magnum at selfridges

    Magnum have opened up a pop-up shop in Selfridges, where you can… wait for it.. make your own Magnum ice cream!

    By inviting celebrities such as Pixie Lott to the opening event, Magnum guaranteed press coverage, hordes of screaming pop fans and increased the desirability of the product.

    magnum 25th birthday at selfridges

    Fans can also create and share custom ice creams with their friends. The app is designed to maximise social engagement, customer loyalty and drive awareness by entertaining the store’s visitors.

    magnum at selfridges

    In Amsterdam, Magnum also released a mobile app  and ‘pleasure hunt’ called - Magnum Pleasure hunt, which supports their rather fabulous brand ethos & mission statement :

    ‘ We are the Pleasure Seekers. And we live our lives to the fullest, indulging in pleasures big and small.’


    The app allows fans to play a game using Augmented reality whilst hunting across the city of Amsterdam. With hungry mouths to feed, big prizes to win and a Magnum infinity ice cream for every player -- who wouldn’t want to partake? 

    Cupidity by Cornetto 

    Cornetto has released a new collection of stand-alone films, known as ‘Cupidity’, that explore the different experiences of the teenage romance journey. Each film features up-and-coming teen actors around the world and are designed to appeal to the romantic nature of teens living in a social online world where anything is possible.

    Bombas and Parr

    Bombass and Parr lit up the mouths of unsuspecting visitors during a film premier in London’s Leicester Square with their glow in the dark Cornetto’s! The creative duo used riboflavin as a main ingredient, known for brightening under certain light wavelengths and then shone UV light throughout the cinema to create a unique sensory experience and allowed the ice cream to glow!

    glow in the dark cornetto by bompas & parr

    glow in the dark cornetto by bompas & parr


    Ben and Jerry’s Core Tour

    Ben and Jerry’s are currently promoting their range of ice creams that have a core of  yummy decadence. 

    Ben & Jerry Core, Vivid Brand

    To spread the word, a ‘Core Tour’ is sweeping the nation.  

    ben and jerrys core tour

    Ben and Jerry’s are using their social media fan base to tweet requests for where the tour should visit. Reaching out to their community is a hands-on and fun way to engage Ben & Jerry’s ice cream lovers and encourage interaction and re-tweets as well as to reward fans with free ice cream and visits to their home towns.

    Throughout July Ben and Jerry’s invited consumers to ‘come hang out’ in a cow barn in Covent Garden, where they could mingle with the crowd (and presumably cows!) and  devour thousands of servings of free ice-cream. The event included live music  and encouraged social media interaction. 

    Ben & Jerry's Core Tour, Vivid Brand blog

    Wall’s Goodbye Serious

    Earlier this year, Wall’s launched a new brand positioning with the tagline “Goodbye Serious”. The ad uses a new, “cheeky” tone in a deliberate attempt to revitalise the brand’s image and appeal.

    walls goodbye serious

    walls goodbye serious


  • World Cup Makes The Internet Explode!

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    The historic defeat of Brazil in last nights World Cup game caused the internet to explode in a reaction of discussions. The humiliating Brazil 1 – 7 Germany result has become the most discussed sports match in the history of Twitter with a staggering 35.6 million tweets posted during the game! We  had a look at the shared content, to see the different ways that the two countries have been represented on social media:


    world cup brazil 2014

    The internet has kept a close eye on the styling of the two teams personal appearance 

    The Players

    world cup brazil 2014

    Individual players have been transformed into memes that represent their show in the games


    world cup brazil 2014                           

    Flags were altered to show the power of winning compared to the humiliation of losing


    wold cup brazil 2014

     Landmarks were digitally defaced to represent the sorrow of Brazil with a crying Jesus and a proud Germany – transforming the landmark into their nations colours


    wold cup brazil 2014                           

    Brand’s used social media to sympathise and gloat

    Country Boasts

      world cup brazil 2014            

    Memes were a great way of making light of the goal keeper efforts during the game


    world cup brazil 2014

    Twitter users let loose with a series of hilarious captions!


    world cup brazil 2014

    There was no escaping the cameras when the final whistle blew but both managers kept their cool despite the results


    Perhaps, ultimately, this sums up the whole thing best.

    world cup brazil 2014


     world cup brazil 2014

  • Summer Scorchers

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    Weather wise, Summer hasn’t been great  so far, but luckily there have been other hot things popping up on our radar over the past few months! Summery apps, advertising campaigns and themed products/ packaging, all make the most of the frenzy we get into at the hope of a few days on sun! We have rounded up a few of our favourites so far!



    This year the Glastonbury Festival partner EE provided free Wi-Fi for all the revelers. Each of the 4G Wi-Fi hotspots took the form of a life-size fiberglass cow that is inspired by the dairy herd that normally resides in the fields at Worthy Farm! 

    ee wifi at glastonbury


    These six packs of Skol lager were encased in packaging made from ice and distributed to overheated football fans visiting Cuiaba in Brazil for the World Cup! A great way of raising brand awareness whilst also keeping fans cool during very hot weather!


     skol world cup packaging


    Partnering up with Tour de France, McCain celebrates it’s Yorkshire roots as the tour cuts through this key potato growing area. A strategy that focus’s on ties within the local communities and British farming as well as celebrating the UK’s involvement of Tour de France.

    mccain tour de france


    Malibu launched a digital and social media campaign this summer that asked consumers to come up with a list of 100 summer experiences, which were shared on Facebook and Instagram and then made into a video by Malibu and shared on YouTube. A fantastic way of covering all the social media channels as getting fans to get involved and share branded content.

    malibu best summer ever

    Stella Artois

    Just in time for summer, Stella Artois Cidre rolled out this raspberry flavored variant of the beverage. Supported by a multi-million campaign across TV, press, outdoor, digital and PR, as well as a new bottle design to communicate the quality of product, the release was perfectly timed with the public desire for fruitier flavours in the hotter months.

    stella artois rasperry cidre

    Ray Ban

    Bold and colourful windows from Ray Ban in Covent Garden reminding passers by that they are THE sunglasses choice of the summer.

    ray ban summer window campaign


    For its latest retail installation COOL, Chelsea retail space  showcases new ways that New Yorkers can beat the summertime heat. Featuring more than 80 brands and artists, the COOL installation includes cooling products, cool design and cool experiences. A great way of escaping the heat and finding cool summertime items to consume when back outside!

    COOL retail pop up




    The June Bracelet measures the exposure to the sun of it’s wearers through a monitor that is connected to a downloadable app, on which users put information such as skin type. The app then sends alert to the user when they are recorded as receiving too many harmful rays! A handy piece of wearable technology that disguises its monitor in the form of a geometric jewel!

    Netatmo June Bracelet


    In conjunction with the limited edition packaging, Evian are also running above the line marketing campaigns featuring Maria at the heart and expressing Evian’s ‘Live Young’ brand marketing.

    EVIAN wimbledon campaign


    Branston has launched a summer print campaign supporting its limited-edition Brazilian Sweet & Spicy relish. A simple and effective way of alligning the brand with the World Cup hype!

    Branston make it special this summer campaign


    This smart waterbottle by BluFit syncs with a smart phone to determine how much water the user needs versus how much they have drunk. Using a Bluetooth sensor to record the time and amount of water consumed alerts the user to hydrate with a flashing LED in the bottle sleeve. Handy for sports as well as days on the beach!

    bluefit water bottle



  • Football Crazy

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    Over the past few months there have been countless ads from brands trying to align themselves with the current World Cup craze that has taken over the nation. Despite many of these brands not being official sponsors of the games, they rose to the challenge to think creatively and build up a connection to an otherwise unrelated event, which if successfully done, offered a great way of humanising otherwise corporate giants in the eyes of the public.  As the competition draws to a close, we’ve had a look over the best of these:


    Beats by Dre: The Game Before The Game

    Nike Football: The Last Game  

    Adidas: The Dream

    Budweiser: Believe As One

    Visa: United In Rivalry

    Coca-Cola: One World, One Game

    Pepsi: Now Is What You Make It

    McDonald’s: GOL! 

    Samsung: The Training

    Carlsberg: The Eternal Optimist

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