• Crafty Crisps

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    Food marketing has become a critical part of how consumers interact with the food they eat. Because we live in a society that is hyper-infused with countless food ads, branding, commercials and packaging all striving to grab the attention of our growling stomachs, food marketing has become a treacherous field of companies competing against companies to instantly target the stomachs and wallets of busy consumers. 

    We love this print campaign by Kettle Chips which celebrates and echoes Kettle’s own process for creating their perfectly seasoned handcooked chips by using ‘real food ingredients’ not flavourings. The brand did this by enlisting sculptors to recreate Kettle crisps packets out of different materials to show the association between Kettle chips and craftsmanship.

    The materials used were:



    kettle chips lovingly crafted campaign


    kettle chips lovingly crafted campaign


    kettle chips lovingly crafted campaign

    A great campaign that captures the essence of Kettle crisps, by continuing the association between Kettle Chips and craftsmanship   as well as offering something different and interesting for the consumer!

    This is not the first time that Kettle has celebrated craft in a campaign, in the below video they worked with a contemporary embroiderer who stitched the packaging and ingredients to emphasise the authenticity of the ingredients, having been ‘picked, gathered and grown’.

    Kettle Chips lovingly crafted

    It also cleverly ties in with their online presence and even ‘hand picked’ website competitions

    Kettle Chips lovingly crafted


  • Shokumentary

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    A fascinating look into shock advertising from The Drum.

    Starring top creatives John Jessup (formerly of Leo Burnett) and Marc Lewis (School of Communication Arts), along with no-nonsense brands BrewDog, Peta and Death Cigarettes, the film asks whether shock tactics still have a place in modern advertising.

    Are brands too boring these days? Watch Shockumentary and decide for yourself.

  • Digital Stats Roundup

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    12 useful digital and Social stats you should be aware of when planning your shopper marketing campaigns:


    23% of teens consider Instagram to be their favourite social network (Digital Insights)

    instagram is favourite network of teens

    Internet advertising will make up nearly 25% of the entire ad market by 2015 (WebDAM)

    internet advertising

    On a typical day millennial consumers share an average of six pieces of content via social media and five via email (SDL.com)

    content sharing

    42% of grocery shoppers will very likely use their smartphones to access digital coupons (Retail Feedback Group)

    digital coupons via smartphones

    75% of the engagement on a Facebook post happens in the first 5 hours. (Digital Insights)

    facebook engagement

    48% of emails are opened on mobile devices and 25% are opened on Iphones (Litmus)

    communicating via mobile devices

    65% of your audience are visual learners(WebDAM)

    visual learners

    94% of Facebook users respond to advertising through site(The E-Tailing Group)

    facebook marketing

    Visual data is processed 60,000 times faster by the brain than text (WebDAM)

    visual data is processed faster

    67% of millenials use multiple devices daily (SDL.com)

    millenials use multi devices daily

    Emails with social sharing buttons increase click through rates by 158% (adgcreative.net)

    social sharing

    78% of consumers will buy in-store after browsing online (Accenture)

    online shopping

  • I Scream, You Scream, We All Scream for Ice Cream

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    When the temperature rises, there is no better remedy than an ice cold snack. We got the scoop on the various ways that Ice Cream can reach out to the public during the summery months:

    Facebook’s Ice Cream Van

    Facebook launched a campaign designed to encourage agencies to use its social platform for mobile advertising as it says traditional media consumption dips over the summer. The activities included the social site sending teaser postcards and then followed up with an ice-cream van tour of 22 agencies in London, as well as agencies in France, Poland and Germany.

    facebook ice cream van

    Facebook!!! YOU MISSED US!!!! 26-34 Emerald St, London. Call me! 


    …  Although not created by Facebook, some Croatian genius’ came up with the idea to produce Facebook flavoured ice-cream! Albeit simply white ice-cream with blue decoration, the flavour has become a big hit with the tourists!

    facebook ice cream 


    The real life equivalent to the colour changing bubble gum made famous in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Xameleo is a new wave of ice-cream that changes colour as you eat it!


    xamaleon colour changing ice cream



    With the rise of juice diets and the push to make vegetables the centerpiece of every meal, Haagan-Dazs Japan have released a range of vegetable-flavoured ice creams as part of their “Spoon Vege” line, in a bid to appeal to the more health conscious of customers… we will have to watch this space to see if it catches on enough to come over to the UK (hopefully not)!

    haagen dazs vegetable ice cream


    In July, users of the Uber smartphone app could request an ice cream van drive to their location and can pay for the transaction via the app, without having to use cash!

    uber ice cream


    Magnum have been around for 25 years! Yes TWENTY FIVE YEARS! Who knew?! How did old people live in summer without Magnum? It’s a mystery! To celebrate this momentous anniversary, Magnum have been running a whole hose of activity online, socially and in store. 

    magnum at selfridges

    Magnum have opened up a pop-up shop in Selfridges, where you can… wait for it.. make your own Magnum ice cream!

    By inviting celebrities such as Pixie Lott to the opening event, Magnum guaranteed press coverage, hordes of screaming pop fans and increased the desirability of the product.

    magnum 25th birthday at selfridges

    Fans can also create and share custom ice creams with their friends. The app is designed to maximise social engagement, customer loyalty and drive awareness by entertaining the store’s visitors.

    magnum at selfridges

    In Amsterdam, Magnum also released a mobile app  and ‘pleasure hunt’ called - Magnum Pleasure hunt, which supports their rather fabulous brand ethos & mission statement :

    ‘ We are the Pleasure Seekers. And we live our lives to the fullest, indulging in pleasures big and small.’


    The app allows fans to play a game using Augmented reality whilst hunting across the city of Amsterdam. With hungry mouths to feed, big prizes to win and a Magnum infinity ice cream for every player -- who wouldn’t want to partake? 

    Cupidity by Cornetto 

    Cornetto has released a new collection of stand-alone films, known as ‘Cupidity’, that explore the different experiences of the teenage romance journey. Each film features up-and-coming teen actors around the world and are designed to appeal to the romantic nature of teens living in a social online world where anything is possible.

    Bombas and Parr

    Bombass and Parr lit up the mouths of unsuspecting visitors during a film premier in London’s Leicester Square with their glow in the dark Cornetto’s! The creative duo used riboflavin as a main ingredient, known for brightening under certain light wavelengths and then shone UV light throughout the cinema to create a unique sensory experience and allowed the ice cream to glow!

    glow in the dark cornetto by bompas & parr

    glow in the dark cornetto by bompas & parr


    Ben and Jerry’s Core Tour

    Ben and Jerry’s are currently promoting their range of ice creams that have a core of  yummy decadence. 

    Ben & Jerry Core, Vivid Brand

    To spread the word, a ‘Core Tour’ is sweeping the nation.  

    ben and jerrys core tour

    Ben and Jerry’s are using their social media fan base to tweet requests for where the tour should visit. Reaching out to their community is a hands-on and fun way to engage Ben & Jerry’s ice cream lovers and encourage interaction and re-tweets as well as to reward fans with free ice cream and visits to their home towns.

    Throughout July Ben and Jerry’s invited consumers to ‘come hang out’ in a cow barn in Covent Garden, where they could mingle with the crowd (and presumably cows!) and  devour thousands of servings of free ice-cream. The event included live music  and encouraged social media interaction. 

    Ben & Jerry's Core Tour, Vivid Brand blog

    Wall’s Goodbye Serious

    Earlier this year, Wall’s launched a new brand positioning with the tagline “Goodbye Serious”. The ad uses a new, “cheeky” tone in a deliberate attempt to revitalise the brand’s image and appeal.

    walls goodbye serious

    walls goodbye serious


  • World Cup Makes The Internet Explode!

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    The historic defeat of Brazil in last nights World Cup game caused the internet to explode in a reaction of discussions. The humiliating Brazil 1 – 7 Germany result has become the most discussed sports match in the history of Twitter with a staggering 35.6 million tweets posted during the game! We  had a look at the shared content, to see the different ways that the two countries have been represented on social media:


    world cup brazil 2014

    The internet has kept a close eye on the styling of the two teams personal appearance 

    The Players

    world cup brazil 2014

    Individual players have been transformed into memes that represent their show in the games


    world cup brazil 2014                           

    Flags were altered to show the power of winning compared to the humiliation of losing


    wold cup brazil 2014

     Landmarks were digitally defaced to represent the sorrow of Brazil with a crying Jesus and a proud Germany – transforming the landmark into their nations colours


    wold cup brazil 2014                           

    Brand’s used social media to sympathise and gloat

    Country Boasts

      world cup brazil 2014            

    Memes were a great way of making light of the goal keeper efforts during the game


    world cup brazil 2014

    Twitter users let loose with a series of hilarious captions!


    world cup brazil 2014

    There was no escaping the cameras when the final whistle blew but both managers kept their cool despite the results


    Perhaps, ultimately, this sums up the whole thing best.

    world cup brazil 2014


     world cup brazil 2014

  • Summer Scorchers

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    Weather wise, Summer hasn’t been great  so far, but luckily there have been other hot things popping up on our radar over the past few months! Summery apps, advertising campaigns and themed products/ packaging, all make the most of the frenzy we get into at the hope of a few days on sun! We have rounded up a few of our favourites so far!



    This year the Glastonbury Festival partner EE provided free Wi-Fi for all the revelers. Each of the 4G Wi-Fi hotspots took the form of a life-size fiberglass cow that is inspired by the dairy herd that normally resides in the fields at Worthy Farm! 

    ee wifi at glastonbury


    These six packs of Skol lager were encased in packaging made from ice and distributed to overheated football fans visiting Cuiaba in Brazil for the World Cup! A great way of raising brand awareness whilst also keeping fans cool during very hot weather!


     skol world cup packaging


    Partnering up with Tour de France, McCain celebrates it’s Yorkshire roots as the tour cuts through this key potato growing area. A strategy that focus’s on ties within the local communities and British farming as well as celebrating the UK’s involvement of Tour de France.

    mccain tour de france


    Malibu launched a digital and social media campaign this summer that asked consumers to come up with a list of 100 summer experiences, which were shared on Facebook and Instagram and then made into a video by Malibu and shared on YouTube. A fantastic way of covering all the social media channels as getting fans to get involved and share branded content.

    malibu best summer ever

    Stella Artois

    Just in time for summer, Stella Artois Cidre rolled out this raspberry flavored variant of the beverage. Supported by a multi-million campaign across TV, press, outdoor, digital and PR, as well as a new bottle design to communicate the quality of product, the release was perfectly timed with the public desire for fruitier flavours in the hotter months.

    stella artois rasperry cidre

    Ray Ban

    Bold and colourful windows from Ray Ban in Covent Garden reminding passers by that they are THE sunglasses choice of the summer.

    ray ban summer window campaign


    For its latest retail installation COOL, Chelsea retail space  showcases new ways that New Yorkers can beat the summertime heat. Featuring more than 80 brands and artists, the COOL installation includes cooling products, cool design and cool experiences. A great way of escaping the heat and finding cool summertime items to consume when back outside!

    COOL retail pop up




    The June Bracelet measures the exposure to the sun of it’s wearers through a monitor that is connected to a downloadable app, on which users put information such as skin type. The app then sends alert to the user when they are recorded as receiving too many harmful rays! A handy piece of wearable technology that disguises its monitor in the form of a geometric jewel!

    Netatmo June Bracelet


    In conjunction with the limited edition packaging, Evian are also running above the line marketing campaigns featuring Maria at the heart and expressing Evian’s ‘Live Young’ brand marketing.

    EVIAN wimbledon campaign


    Branston has launched a summer print campaign supporting its limited-edition Brazilian Sweet & Spicy relish. A simple and effective way of alligning the brand with the World Cup hype!

    Branston make it special this summer campaign


    This smart waterbottle by BluFit syncs with a smart phone to determine how much water the user needs versus how much they have drunk. Using a Bluetooth sensor to record the time and amount of water consumed alerts the user to hydrate with a flashing LED in the bottle sleeve. Handy for sports as well as days on the beach!

    bluefit water bottle



  • Football Crazy

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    Over the past few months there have been countless ads from brands trying to align themselves with the current World Cup craze that has taken over the nation. Despite many of these brands not being official sponsors of the games, they rose to the challenge to think creatively and build up a connection to an otherwise unrelated event, which if successfully done, offered a great way of humanising otherwise corporate giants in the eyes of the public.  As the competition draws to a close, we’ve had a look over the best of these:


    Beats by Dre: The Game Before The Game

    Nike Football: The Last Game  

    Adidas: The Dream

    Budweiser: Believe As One

    Visa: United In Rivalry

    Coca-Cola: One World, One Game

    Pepsi: Now Is What You Make It

    McDonald’s: GOL! 

    Samsung: The Training

    Carlsberg: The Eternal Optimist

  • Daddy Cool – This best dadvertising for Fathers Day

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    According to Retail Week, Father’s Day is expected to boost retail sales by £200m this weekend. We had a look at the variety of ways that brands are capitalising on Dad love at retail.

    Duke Cannon Supply co.

    A brilliant and ususual marketing strategy from Duke Cannon Supply Co. that encourage viewers to give your  Dad ‘a gift he won’t hate’!

    duke cannon fathers day

    duke cannon fathers day

    duke cannon fathers day


    Pernod Ricard Personalisation

    Timed to coincide with Father’s Day, Pernod Ricard UK is giving shoppers a unique opportunity to personalise select bottles of whisky from its portfolio with the launch of its ‘Your Signature Spirit campaign’. The campaign will drive consumers – via on-pack communication – to a dedicated microsite, where they can personalise bottle labels to create a memorable gift!

    pernod ricard fathers day personalisation

    Thorntons Personalisation

    The best thing about chocolate is that it can be made suitable for any occasion, here is a great example of Thorntons making their personalisation service Fathers Day appropriate. 

    thorntons fathers day personalisation


     The most talked about ad of the season, Dove hopes to change this portrayal of fatherhood in its new campaign, launched ahead of Father’s Day. It specifically targets dads who feel their child-rearing skills are not fairly represented in the media. A great way of pulling at the heart strings and reminding viewers that Fathers Day is a great way to say thanks for all those special ‘Dad Moments’.

    John Lewis Gift Ideas

    Great web layout by John Lewis who offer easy to sort through present ideas based around all the different Dad types out there. 

    john lewis gift guides

    Chivas Regal Facebook Campaign

    This was from last year, but we loved it! Chivas Regal offered customers the chance to create a special message to their Dad via the Facebook app.

    chivas regal fathers day campaign

    chivas regal fathers day campaign

    chivas regal fathers day campaign 

    The app also allowed you to create a dedicated cover art for your Facebook page!



  • DIY is good for the morale

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    A recent French survey claimed that doing things for ourselves (cooking, knitting, creating jewellery with our little fingers) keeps us happy.*

    *(93% of people surveyed in France -- Source: Survey Opinion way -- 2013)

    This sounds like an old and simplistic recipe but it appears to be even more relevant now in our hyper connected & overly pre-packed / ready-to-go / comercialised world.

    The recent successes of tv shows such as the ‘Great British Bake Off’, ‘Sewing Bee’ and ‘The Allotment Challenge’ demonstrate the growing (no pun intended!) trend to grow and bake and make your own and get down and dirty with raw materials.

    Shopping DIY to escape uniformity

    Pure play website Etsy* is the Amazon of crafting. Capitalising on consumers desire to own a hand made, ‘crafted’ product, the website allows designer makers to showcase and sell their products on their website, whilst allowing Shoppers to buy something unique that has been made by an actual person, rather than a machine.

    Not On the High Street has had huge success providing a similar service, but with the added angle of personalisation.

    Not on the High Street

    Both these websites highlight the fact that people  / consumers are craving original, personalised products,  not available in the mass market and which are able to convey a story and a deeper thought behind a product, making the act of transaction (and gifting )more meaningful and emotional. It’s one thing to buy a picture from your local homewares retailer for a new couple’s wedding,  but adding their names to it, the date they were married and other personalised elements takes the gift to a whole new level. Adding that ‘made by me’ element for the gift giver, provides them with the reassurance that their gift is special and from the heart and that some real effort has gone into the gift. 

    Not on the hightstreet

    Example of a personalised papercut design created by a designer and personaised for you, by Not on the highstreet.com

    *(Etsy saw a 42.6% increase in dollars of goods sold in September 2013 compared to last year (September 2012), and a 39.3% increase in items sold. Source: Etsy Blog)

    53% of French people (26 million) claim to be “creative”*

    * Source: Survey Opinion way -- 2013

    We are witnessing the rise of a new creative consumer/shopper. Today 53% of French people (26 million) claim to be “creative”*. They are representative of a rising behavioural trend that transcends gender, age and classes. And they are the result of an economy that has been shifting from an industrial model grounded in mass production, to a more creative model, bringing prominence to personalisation and symbolic value.

    So, the big burning question for brands is: how to entertain, enhance and engage so many creative minds?

    By promoting individuals’ creativity, a way to bring back confidence and empowerment to people:

    The latest ad campaign from the French brand Leroy Merlin is very revealing of this mindset shift.

    The campaign, using the selfie trend as a creative trigger and is a tribute to the “makers”, inviting them to be proud of their creations. In this case, praising self-fulfilment and the feel good effect through DIY is a smart way for the brand to counter the fear of starting a project (many shoppers leave a DIY store without having bought a thing for this one reason).

     DIY Blog Post

    In parallel, Leroy Merlin is launching a collaborative platform called “Selon vous” (“up to you”), dedicated to doing-it-yourself, where people can share ideas and personal creations.

    DIY Blog Post

    By encouraging Shoppers to “do” something and participate more in their purchase, the DIY mindset can be promoted at the first moment of truth.

    Levi’s invite shoppers to co-create their own bespoke jeans or garments in its “Tailor Shop” (available in flagship stores around the World).

    Tailor Shop has in-house craftspeople who produce a limited edition line of reinterpreted Levi’s icons, goods and accessories.

    Using quality fabrics, premium found materials and the skills of Tailor Shop’s finest crafts people, Levi tailors bring you one-of-a-kind pieces like hand-stitched denim ties, totes made of Salvadged canvas and Beacon blankets, and motor-collared vintage Trucker jackets.

    Nike allows shoppers to create the ultimate trainer, tailored to their own needs, gait and colour and design preferences:

    Nike Create Attack

    This Korean supermarket asked shoppers to literally pick their own salad in store:

    Korean Supermarket

    Looking a little bit like a display you might see in a garden nursery, this innovative salad presentation promotes the organic nature of the product, whilst engaging the Shopper in an “Urban farming” concept to gather their own food. Likewise,  Whole Foods Market store in Brooklyn cultivates its own products in house for sale on the shop floor. (http://www.wholefoodsmarket.com/stores/brooklyn)

    So we’ve farmed our own product and purchased it -- now what?

    In Berlin, the convenience grocery store Kochhaus presents all its products by recipe, to encourage shoppers to cook more at home.

    kochhaus_ Vivid Brand Blog

    In France, the Department store BHV promotes DIY customisation as an “art de vivre” throughout dedicated corners in store and online (cooking / deco…)


    By looking into the future

    Finally, the next and ultimate step of DIY is the democratisation of 3D printers that will allow shoppers to create their own furniture, cutlery, clothes and more, according to their personal design.

    3DPrintingUk is already offering short runs for 3D printing in the UK and with the news that French grocery retailer Auchan is proposing a 3D printing service to enable Shoppers to print small objects, we should be prepared to see the expansion of this service in many retailers’ stores very soon.

  • Feel it don’t say it: Experiential Marketing

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    Experiential marketing is a form of advertising that focuses primarily on helping consumers experience a brand.

    Whilst traditional advertising (radio, print, television) verbally and visually communicates the brand and product benefits, experiential marketing tries to immerse the consumers within the product by engaging as many human senses as possible. In this way, experiential marketing forms a memorable and emotional connection between the consumer and the brand so that it may generate customer loyalty and influence purchase decision.


    Red Stripe

    East London shoppers had the surprise of their lives when their local corner store in Dalston’s Kingsland High Street became a giant musical instrument for one day only. 


    Lurpak cooked up a storm with their recent experiential campaign that was based in Waterloo station, London and included a stand where three celebrity food ambassadors will be aiming to inspire visitors to start their food adventure. The event was fully immersive and interactive, designed to truly engage with consumers and help them establish a long-lasting relationship with the brand.

     Lurpak experiential marketing at waterloo station

    Lurpak experiential marketing at waterloo

    Pepsi Max

    This augmented reality bus shelter by Pepsi Max created unbelievable scenarios to surprise London commuters at this bus shelter on New Oxford Street!


    Last October Nutella launched a ‘win a day everyone will love’ on-pack promotion and to coincide with these they devised an experiential activity at Westfield shopping center in Shepherd’s Bush. Shoppers were given the chance to win their ultimate day out by drawing their ideal day onto a two meter high virtual slice of Nutella covered toast.

    nutella experiential marketing westfieldnutella experiential marketing westfield

    Billboard Magazine

    Tying in with their tagline, “Music. We know it comes from everywhere”, the Guitar Pee by Billboard Magazine Brasil, is a custom made guitar-shaped urinal that is specially rigged to allow men to make music with their stream! What’s more, your ”session” is even uploaded as an “MPEE3″ to the mobile version of the Guitar Pee site.

    billboard guitar pee

    Caribou Coffee

    Caribou Coffee launched its new hot breakfast sandwiches in a way that benefitted Minnesotans during wintertime by creating ovens out of transit shelters, including real heat, to showcase the hot and delectable new menu items. This multi-sensory bus shelter gives the effect of warmth and smell which was is effective in prompting desire to consume. 

    caribou coffee experiential bus shelter

    Kellogg Crunchy Nut

    The enormous launch of Kelloggs Crunchy Nut in the U.S encouraged passers by to try some of the product with the excuse that ‘It’s morning somewhere’. At the top of each hour, the cuckoo clock crow and an actor emerged from inside to offer a comedic performance representative of a place in the world where it was morning. A great way of drawing in a crowd as well as setting a new world record for the worlds largest cuckoo clock in the process!

    kelloggs crunch nut its morning somewhere experiential


    What starts off as a typic trip to the ladies room soon becomes a trip to a dreamy garden of eden, complete with a gang of attractive men strutting their stuff, to show just how sexy a clean, hygienic toilet can be!


    Sprite asks “What could be more refreshing than a Sprite?” and their answer is Sprite Shower, a giant promotional beach shower designed to look like a giant Sprite soda dispenser!

    sprite experiential shower


    To promote their ready made jacket potatoes, McCain brought the tasty oven baked smell of jacket potatoes to 10 bus stops around the country! Adding a whole new meaning to ‘try before you buy’!

    mccain experiential marketing


    For even more wow factor examples of experiential marketing campaigns, check out the Vivid Brand Pinterest board!

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