• Top 12 Social Marketing Campaigns of 2014

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    New year, new marketing campaigns! But before we get started, we had a look back and rounded up some of the most noteworthy social campaigns we’ve seen in over the past 12 months:

    January – #Hibernot

    In January Land Rover launched its #Hibernot social campaign which centred around an online hub for winter trails, walks and activities up and down the UK. Visitors to the site were presented with over 80 Land Rover supported activities that were taking place in Britain during the winter months, and were encouraged to add to the bank by taking photos of their own outdoor adventures and posting them to the responsive site using the hashtag #Hibernot. The campaign champions the Land Rover being synonymous with family adventure and ran across all Land Rover’s social channels, pulling content onto Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. It’s a strong example of true engagement with communities important to the brand, utilising user-generated content to create buzz and encouraging others to use the hashtag to submit their own winter adventures, images and tips.

    February – #IAMPORTER

    To promote the launch of their new Porter print magazine, Net-A-Porter created an iOS app called ‘I am Porter’ which tapped into the craze for selfies by allowing users to take a photo of themselves or upload an existing favourite photo, add a cover line and PORTER masthead to transform themselves into the cover star! Users were encouraged to share their photo on social media sites Twitter and Instagram with the #IAMPORTER hashtag with a chance to win a £6000 shopping spree, which facilitated the viral nature of the campaign and according to Topsy generated around 2,800 mentions before the magazine launch.

    March – #NoMakeUpSelfie

    The accidental organic fundraising venture #nomakeupselfie campaign raised more than £2m for Cancer reasearch in just 48 hours, and more than £8m in 6 days through hundreds of thousands of donations from Facebook, Instagram and Twitter users sharing pictures of themselves without makeup and nominating a friend to do the same.

    #nomakeupselfie , best social campaigns of 2014 , shopper marketing, vivid brand

    April – #TheSocialBookByPharrell

    Pop superstar Pharrell enlisted the help of Tipp-Ex’s Hunter and Bear characters to help promote his new book, Inspiration. The story goes that the two characters have accidentally Tipp-Exed over all the words in Pharrell’s book ahead of the launch and to rectify the situation a site was set up to crowdsource the words so that the book could be rewritten in real time.

    With the help of some hints, users were encouraged to correctly guess the hidden words and share their activity on social media, and those that were successful were then credited in the printed version.

    A really creative campaign that made excellent use of the Hunter and Bear’s existing popularity on social to raise money for a good cause as revenues from the book will be used to help underprivileged children around the world.

    May – A1 Sauce

    Breaking away from its 50 year relationship with steak, A1 Original Steak Sauce changed it’s name back in May, becoming simply ‘A1 Original Sauce’. This ‘official split’ was marked with a brilliant and unexpected social media focused campaign that involved a video showing A1 changing its Facebook relationship status from ‘in a relationship with Steak’ in order to open itself to new relationships with other foods. The funny and very weird video is a great example of a brand engaging in social media in a totally unexpected way and is relatable to Facebook users everywhere.

    June – Luis Suarez Biting Reactions

    In the moments after Uruguay soccer player Luis Suarez apparently bit Italy’s Giorgio Chiellini at the end of a World Cup game, Twitter exploded with lots of consumer brands creating real-time tweets to jump on the comedic buzz!

    Luis Suarez biting reactions, twitter, best social campaings of 2014, shopper marketing, vivid brand Luis Suarez biting reactions, twitter, best social campaings of 2014, shopper marketing, vivid brandLuis Suarez biting reactions, twitter, best social campaings of 2014, shopper marketing, vivid brand

    July – ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

    With over 20 times the amount of Twitter mentions that #nomakeupselfie, the Ice Bucket Challenge is probably the biggest online charity campaign of all time! As with the case with the no make up selfie campaign, the Ice Bucket Challenge was not begun by the charity yet the ALS Association have been able to drive the success of the challenge forward through the use of social media and actively engaging with participants.

    August – Marc Jacobs’ Tweet shop

    Following on the heels of Kellogg’s and other pioneering brands, Marc Jacobs set up a pop up shop in London’s Covent Garden to promote the brand’s new fragrance, Daisy. Visitors were encourage to take photos of items and tweet about them using the hashtag #mjdaisychain for which they were rewarded with freebies such as perfume, key-rings and manicures in-store! The Pop up was a very effective way of generating PR and social buzz, and was such a success that even the Vivid Brand ladies made an appearance!

    marc jacobs #tweetshop best social campaigns of 2014 marc jacobs #tweetshop best social campaigns of 2014

    September – #LidlSurprises

    A brilliant social hit by Lidl, that managed to mock one of its rivals while also promoting its own low, low prices. Less than 24 hours after Sainsbury’s was left red-faced when someone noticed that its staff had accidentally used an internal sales promo in a window display, Lidl had responded with an excellent poster in one of its own windows which caused an explosive reaction on Twitter.

    #lidlsurprises best social campaigns of 2014, vivid brand , shopper marketing #lidlsurprises best social campaigns of 2014, vivid brand , shopper marketing

    October – Airbnb and Waterstones

    This joint effort from Airbnb and Waterstones made great use of agile marketing after a Texan got locked in a London branch of Waterstones which he tweeted about and generated lots of social buzz. Airbnb jumped in on the hype and tweeted Waterstones to say it should host an in-store sleepover which inspired Waterstones to set up a competition using a pretend Airbnb listing and gave 20 lucky winners a nights stay at Waterstones! Nice save eh?!

    Air BnB and waterstones, best social campaigns of 2014, shopper marketing, vivid brand


    Air BnB and waterstones, best social campaigns of 2014, shopper marketing, vivid brand

    Air BnB and waterstones, best social campaigns of 2014, shopper marketing, vivid brand

    Air BnB and waterstones, best social campaigns of 2014, shopper marketing, vivid brand

    November – #AWxHMreveal

    In November H&M used Twitter to slowly unveil a new Alexander Wang range of clothing using the hashtag #AWxHMreveal, which when used sent the tweeter a personalised image. The personalised campaign was very effective and made users feel like they were getting something unique for using the hashtag rather than just a generic response. H&M also put a different spin on it by encouraging people to keep using the hashtag to reveal additional content such as further images and videos.

    #AWxHMreveal best social campaigns of 2014, shopper marketing, vivid brand #AWxHMreveal best social campaigns of 2014, shopper marketing, vivid brand

    December – #MontyThePenguin

    This years John Lewis ad predictably whipped viewers into a nostalgia-fuelled frenzy when they were introduced to Monty the Penguin and his lonely heart.  The hunt to find Monty a mate was pushed via social media and the personalised Twitter account was already racking up an astonishing 3,500 followers in a matter of hours. Social media engagement for the Christmas mascot was high and in the first three hours following the ad, Hotwire analytics company measured 49,562 tweets regarding Monty, making  #montythepenguin the top trending Twitter subject in the UK within 90 minutes of the ad’s launch!

    #montythepenguin john lewis, christmas campaign, best social campaigns of 2014, shopper marketing, vivid brand


  • The Best Christmas Digital Activations 2014

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    Marketers are using digital more than ever and Christmas is no exception, with brands experimenting with social media and the latest digital innovations to tie their Christmas marketing in with the shopper experience. We had a look at some of the brands that are doing this and question whether the inclusion of digital makes the Christmas experience more magical for the user or whether it takes things too far from traditional and intensifies the cold commerciality of the season:


    From the 5-9th of December, Heineken rewarded it’s top US tweeters with music, treats, décor and surprises as part of it’s #SparkMyParty delivery service. Fans could tweet Heineken using the hashtag for a chance to win a Heineken special delivery, such as a live dj, an event photographer, a roomful of balloons or UBER gift cards that arrived at the homes of winning New Yorkers to help them ‘get the party started’. Heineken jumps on board the home delivery trend as well as doing something festive which gives them visibility during the Christmas period, however the campaign pushes for consumers to have a good time celebrating the holiday season rather then just pushing sales.


    This Christmas, Santa Brings the Gifts, Heineken Brings the Party



    The gift hacker app from O2 allows users to pick a gift for a friend, or themselves, from a selection of electronic items on their website, and then create a Kickstarter-style page where they invite friends via email to contribute towards the total. The idea is a fun way of getting people to work together and pitch in to make a friends ‘dream come true’, however  the app lacks any Christmas sparkle and in effect seems a little cold, plus it does seem questionable whether a new power bank is really worthy of a Kickstarter campaign.

    O2 gift hacker christmas app, digital, shopper marketing, vivid brand

    o2 gift hacker christmas app, digital shopper marketing, vivid brand


    This mystery gift app from Sainsbury’s runs through Facebook and allows users to send a free gift to a friend that could be anything from a mince pie to an iPad Mini. Of course both giver and receiver must accept the app which gains access to all your Facebook info, but apart from this the app seems all about the joy of giving.

    sainsburys dare to share, christmas digital campaigns 2014


    The #BakeItForward campaign from Waitrose taps into the nations passionate baking community by encouraging customers to bake an item for a friend and nominate them to do the same for someone else. These home baked items are photographed and posted on social media with the tag #bakeitforward which creates a chain of goodwill focused more on giving rather than getting (although as a little added incentive, anyone who tags their post ” could win prizes from Waitrose such as a hamper or champagne!).

     waitrose, #BAKEITFORWARD , christmas digital shopper marketing, vivid brand


    Lots of brands have created a ‘Santa Tracker’ type app for the holiday season but Google’s incorporation of Google Earth really brings the magic to life. Designed with children in mind, users access to an interactive village, and on Christmas eve watch Santa on google earth as he makes his massive trip delivering presents!

    google santa tracker, christmas, shopper marketing, vivid brand


    Whistles’ digital advent calendars have been fashionista crowd-pleasers for the past few years, as well as being one of the best data-capture campaigns around. Each day a new treat is revealed and to put yourself in with a chance of winning all that is needed is an email address. A nice, simple idea that promotes the current stock of the brand whilst also evoking a little excitement over the potential gift to ones self!

    whistles advent calendar 2014, digital shopper marketing, vivid brand

    whistles advent calendar 2014, digital shopper marketing, vivid brand

    whistles advent calendar 2014, digital shopper marketing, vivid brand

    Canal Mirai Christmas Tree 

    Although not connected to a brand, this is still a brilliant way of incorporating digital into the Christmas celebrations! In Fukuoka, Japan, the city created a Christmas tree for the digital age that allows visitors to decorate it thought smartphone taps! ‘The Crystal Tree’ is an interactive 3D hanging installation of LED lights that visitors can participate in decorating in real time though the accompanying Canal Mirai Christmas smartphone app that activates 4D animation to produce vibrant patterns and visuals. A leap away from the traditional and into the future, as well as a great way to involve the community and create interaction.



    This year Argos have given the traditional Santa Christmas letter a digital twist with the launch of their ‘wish-list’ app for children which enables kids (with the help of a group of animated characters!) to create lists of gifts they might like to receive at Christmas by scrolling through pictures of products. Once they’ve made all their decisions, they can move them on to a mood board which they can personalise by drawing and placing stickers numbering their must-have items and is then “Sent to the North Pole”. A great way to encourage family interaction (unless the child has his/her own smartphone) as well as drive sales by introducing children to an array of items they didn’t even know they wanted, thus upping the peer pressure on parents who wont have any excuse for getting it wrong! A good marketing tool perhaps, but feels perhaps more about the presents than the magic of Christmas. 

    argos christmas wish list app, digital shopper marketing, vivid brand
    argos christmas wish list app, digital shopper marketing, vivid brand


    Designed to help with arduous gift decisions, Tesco have created a ‘Secret Scan-ta’ app that works by  reading a persons Twitter feed to identify key themes and interests that it then uses to suggest the ‘perfect gift’ that you can buy directly from Tesco. The gift suggestions are honestly, quite terrible, but that is part of the charm and in some ways adds to the fun! Although of course this was designed to increase sales and push Tesco’s visibility, the app brings a little Christmas magic to the agenda with it’s array of low key present suggestions as well as opportunities for users to win Club Card points and even bigger prizes such as a Samsung Galaxy S5!

    Tesco secret scanta christmas app, digital, shopper marketing, vivid brand



    Follow the link to our Christmas Pinterest board for even more festive marketing examples !

  • Black Friday Bonanza

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    Today was Black Friday and once again the UK’s largest retailers saw thousands of people descend on their stores to pick up a bargain. Although originally a big sales day that follows Thanksgiving in the US, the idea is being adopted by more and more shops in the UK, with data from Pockit and the Centre for Retail Research suggesting that shoppers will part with around £1.32bn, an increase of 9% since 2013. There is a real push, for ‘buy it now or regret it later’ meaning consumers trick themselves into thinking they need items they wouldn’t normally consider purchasing. This UK growth in ‘Black Friday’ flash sales, is not only having an effect on the individuals wallet, it is also, according to ELAS and ONS, costing the British economy a massive £117m due to UK companies loosing out on employee productivity due to increased personal internet use/ sick days and long lunch breaks used in order to grab pre-Christmas bargains during working hours. With all this in mind, we’ve had a look at what the UK retailers are doing to push sales:



    Winning at Black Friday marketing, Aldi shuns the event with the promise of low prices all year round, unlike rivals which “confuse” shoppers with ever-changing discounts. A great excuse for the store to highlight their constant price beating ethos.

    aldi #blackfriday , shopper marketing , vivid brand


    Topshop stay slick, with a minimalist Black Friday marketing approach across all their social media and web pages.

    topshop black friday, shopper marketing, vivid brand

    On their site they round up Black Friday ‘picks’ to draw shoppers attention to the best deals available.

    topshop black friday, shopper marketing, vivid brand

    In-store they went for the eye-catching neon window displays

    topshop Black Friday, shopper marketing, vivid brand


    GAME stores opened at 11:59pm on Thursday night and attracted massive queues, images of which the brand spread on their social media channels to publicise the event!

    game black friday marketing, vivid brand, shopper marketing


    Littlewoods.com launched a new deal every hour, focusing on different brands such as Samsung, Sony and LG with a brilliant website visuals to grab shoppers attention.

    Littlewoods black friday marketing, vivid brand, shopper marketing

    Unfortunately the retailer did not utilise other social media channels and only sent one tweet at the beginning of the day announcing the promotion. A tweet every hour announcing the new deal is most definitely a missed opportunity.

    Littlewoods black friday marketing, vivid brand, shopper marketing

    Urban Outfitters

    Appropriate use of communication seen by teenage favourite clothing brand Urban Outfitters who chose to use the teen favourite social media site – Instagram, to build up momentum around the Black Friday. 

    urban outfitters, black friday, shopper marketing, vivid brand

    urban outfitters, black friday, shopper marketing, vivid brand


    Debenhams offered VAT-free prices on fragrances, and half price on other items including clothing and electrical.This was all publicised with massive banners on their website and regular tweets and Facebook updates.

    debenhams black friday, shopper marketing, vivid brand

    debenhams black friday, shopper marketing, vivid brand


    Supermarket chain Asda, utilised all the social media channels to spread the word of it’s Black Friday sales and encouraged fans to tweet pictures of their purchases (or place in the massive queue out side as seen below!)

    asda black friday, shopper marketing, vivid brand

    All the marketing obviously reached enough people and customers got a little carried away in the supermarkets Wembley store this morning…



    Tech store Currys announced that this would be their ‘biggest Black Friday sale yet’ and they didn’t disappoint with constant social media coverage and queues both on the high street and online.

    currys black friday sale, shopper marketing, vivid brand

    And for all the big retailers e-commerce sites this was a common sight during the days events, but for Currys it was almost constant due to such high demand for products.


    Constant Black Friday updates and massive in store displays are employed by Tesco to announce their Black Friday deals

    tesco black friday, shopper marketing, vivid brand

    tesco black friday shopper marketing, vivid brand


    Boots has decorated its usual ad with a border of black sequins and promoted the sale online with the hashtag #BootsBlackFriday

    Boots black friday promotion, #bootsblackfriday , shopper marketing, vivid brand

    Boots black friday promotion, #bootsblackfriday , shopper marketing, vivid brand




  • Emotive Marketing at Christmas

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    Big Christmas ads have become a tradition in Britain, they provide an opportunity for companies to pull out all the stops to woo holiday shoppers and stamp their brands firmly on the consumer brain. So as Christmas is just around the corner, we’ve rounded up the best seasonal marketing campaigns around: 

    John Lewis – #MontyThePenguin

    You know the festive season has begun when John Lewis release their much anticipated Christmas advert, and their 2014 offering does not disappoint. With marketing that goes beyond the annual television commercial, attempting to bring the emotional marketing store to life in stores and it’s online platforms.


    Two twitter accounts have been made for the stars of the show – Monty and Mabel the penguin’s!

    John Lewis 2014 Christmas Advertising, #montythepenguin , emotive marketing, shopper marketing, vivid brand


    John Lewis 2014 Christmas Advertising, #mabelthepenguin , emotive marketing, shopper marketing, vivid brand

    In John Lewis’ Oxford Street store, Monty’s Magical Toy Machine allows the public to scan children’s toys (including Monty himself), rendering them in 3D and allowing people to interact with them on screen as a moving 3D image!

    John Lewis 2014 Christmas Advertising, #mabelthepenguin #montythepenguin , emotive marketing, shopper marketing, vivid brand

    Named Monty’s Goggles, the virtual reality headset turns Android smartphones into a winter wonderland.

    The retailer is also offering customers the chance to buy their very own Monty – although at a hefty £95!

    A 45cm soft toy of Monty the Penguin can be purchased from John Lewis for £95

    Marks & Spencer – #FollowTheFairies

    Marks and Spencer’s Follow the Fairies Christmas advertising campaign encourages shoppers to undertake random acts of kindness during the festive period, as well as sharing their own random acts of kindness across the country.


    marks and spencer, follow the fairies, christmas 2014 marketing, shopper marketing, vivid brand

    Pret a Manger – #ShareTheHope

    Pret’s #ShareTheHope campaign is an extension of the brands year long campaign to help break the cycle of homelessness which involves them donating 10p of every Soup sold through out the year and then at Christmas adding an additional 5p to every purchase made.

    Pret a Manger Christmas Marketing, shopper marketing, vivid brand

    The campaign is promoted on in store POS and packaging as well as social media channels

    pret a manger, #sharethehope , christmas marketing, shopper marketing, vivid brand

    pret a manger, christmas marketing, #sharethehope , shopper marketing, vivid brand

    Burberry – #FromLondonWithLove

    Inspired by the golden age of cinematic musicals, the Burberry festive film tells the tale of a young couple falling in love, against a theatrical backdrop of London.


    burberry Christmas Marketing 2014, romeo beckham, #fromenglandwithlove, shopper marketing, vivid brand

    Burberry Christmas Marketing 2014, romeo beckham, from london with love, shopper marketing, vivid brand

    In their Parisian store they will have interactive store windows that show a boy travelling from the London to Paris stores. Shoppers will be able to interact with individual scenes of the story and control things such as the weather or the direction of the boat that the boy is travelling in. They will also be able to create virtual postcards, showing a festive scene displayed on the windows, which will be shareable on social media.

    Burberry: going interactive for Christmas window display

    Sainsbury’s – #ChristmasIsForSharing

    After premiering on November 11th, the Sainsbury’s Christmas ad had split the public down the middle. On one hand it received critical acclaim, with many stating it was better than John Lewis’ ‘Monty the Penguin’ and others feeling that the three and a half minute retelling of the ‘Christmas Truce’ was merely a distasteful attempt at drumming up sales. 


    Social media has been used to drum up support and the Belgian chocolate bar featured in the ad is available in store for £1 with all profits donated to The Royal British Legion.

    sainsburys christmas 2014 marketing, shopper marketing, vivid brand  

    In this handout still image of a television advertisement, released by Sainsbury's on Tuesday, Nov. 18, 2014, an actor dressed dressed as a World War I soldi...
    A chocolate bar that is being sold for one pound by British supermarket Sainsburys, is photographed in London, Wednesday, Nov. 19, 2014. All profits from the...

    Boots – #SpecialBecause

    Boots brings massive emotional impact depicting the lengths to which one family goes to deliver a surprise Christmas celebration for a nurse, who as a mum, daughter, sister and wife makes them feel special every day of the year. The commercial is running in a variety of formats, including a full two-minute version that will appear exclusively on social channels.


    boots christmas 2014 marketing, #specialbecause , shopper marketing, vivid brand

    Tesco – #EveryLittleHelpsMakesChristmas

    Keeping a traditional air to their latest Christmas campaign, Tesco celebrates the family orientated festive spirit we all love. Accompanied by a brass band cover of Irene Cara’s ‘What a Feeling,’ the film shows families gathering to decorate their homes, while Tesco colleagues get ready to spread the Christmas cheer in stores. And then comes the magic moment: switching on the lights in homes and in Tesco stores across the nation.


    Littlewoods – #LittlewoodsWishes

    Featuring the world’s first interactive water-projection on London’s Southbank, Littlewoods turned Myleene Klass into a festive genie to give away early Christmas presents to lucky shoppers after research revealed that Brits spend an extra £184 each year on Christmas for others, without thinking of themselves.aww.


    Harrods – #TheLandOfMakeBelieve

    Harrods has launched its 2014 #thelandofmakebelieve Christmas campaign, which will run on its website, social media platforms, in store and in cinemas nationwide.


    harrods christmas 2012, #thelandofmakebelieve, shopper marketing, vivid brand

    To continue the ‘make believe’ theme, the store have decked their window display in oversized gifts amongst the backdrop of an enchanted forest


    Vodaphone – #PowerToTheFestive

    Pulling at the heart strings strings (and everyones guilty pleasure for Disney’s Frozen) this Vodaphone ad features hospital staff, chefs, farmers and its employees around the country singing along to ‘Let it Go’ from ‘Frozen’, the Disney film, in its biggest Christmas ad to date.



    Feeling festive yet? Then you should have a look at our Christmas Marketing pin board!


  • Fighting against gender inequality at shelf

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    Gender marketing has been an ongoing topic over the past few years but a young and independent French consumer group called “Georgette Sand” put a new cat among the pigeons last week.

    Before expanding on the topic, a small digression about the name of this group is probably worth it: “Georgette Sand” has been named in reference to the French novelist and memoirist Aurore Dupin, best known by her male pseudonym George Sand. Described as the “most womanly woman” by her lover Alfred de Musset, she was known to adopt behaviors quite exceptional for a woman of the early and mid-19th century. As an example she began sporting men’s clothing in public, which she justified by the clothes being far sturdier and less expensive than the typical dress of a woman at that time. (Source – Wikipedia).

    Gender Inequality, Vivid Brand Blog

    So, as proud descendants of this strong woman, the “Georgettes” group released a report revealing that many everyday products include an “invisible tax”, also called #womantax, or #pinktax, applied on products targeting women. They compared many brands and products available in Hypermarkets and Supermarkets, existing both in female and male version (like deodorant, razors or shower gel…). Exactly the same product, but a different packaging, a different color, and … a different aisle location, which makes them generally hard to compare by shoppers.

    The conclusion: Everything is more expensive for women. As an example, at Monoprix, women pay 1.80€ for 5 Private Label disposable razors while men pay 1.72€ for razors with exactly the same features. And this is ongoing on many other product categories, which are listed daily on a Tumblr: http://womantax.tumblr.com/

    In parallel with their report, the group launched an online petition. Signed by almost 20 000 people, the report finally rose to the attention of the French Government who has promised to launch a proper investigation into the inequality of these price differences.

    On October the 28th, the French Secretary in charge of women’s rights posted this ironic tweet, as a personal testimony of gender inequality on shelf:


    Gender Inequality, Vivid Brand

    (“I also think about it when I shave #womantax”).


    An ongoing burning topic

    Unfortunately, gender price inequality is not an issue that affects French women alone, as reports in the US have also highlighted differences between the pricing of male and female products. Back in 2012, Forbes magazine talked about a “woman tax”, concluding that “gender marketing actually costs around 1 400$ per year to women.”


    In the US, last year, Swiffer’s “Rosie the riveter” ad was pulled after negative reactions through the Twittosphere, blogs and Facebook. The brand used the iconic image of Rosie, who represents women in the workplace and their economic empowerment, to show a woman doing chores with a mop.


    Gender Inequality, Vivid Brand Blog

    In Australia, the TV show “The check out” examined the issue of gender market segmentation in an amusing video earlier this year:


    More recently, Always’ campaign “#Like a girl”, denounced how our society makes girls lose self-confidence during puberty. The YouTube video hit more than 50 millions views:


    Gender marketing in the UK

    In the UK, gender marketing is an ongoing hot topic in the toy world. “Aiming toys at just boys or girls hurts the economy”, said Minister Jenny Willott in February of this year. Tesco, Sainsbury’s, The Entertainer and TK Maxx have all agreed to remove ‘girls’ and ‘boys’ signs from the aisles following pressure from ‘Let Toys Be Toys’ organization.

    Harrods also launched its toy collection last summer based on theme rather than gender.

    Gender Inequality, Vivid Brand Blog

    Toys from the “boys stuff” range at Marks & Spencer. M&S have now gone gender neutra.

    But are they all fighting against nature? When it comes to toy colors, research has shown that boys and girls are attracted to specific colors; Girls love pink and purple. Boys love Blue.

    But is this an innate preference that children are born with, or have girls and boys been conditioned to love pink & blue through nurture, or emulation of friends and parents preferences and expectations? I remember a friend of mine telling me that her 3 year old daughter becoming almost hysterical with excitement in front of a Hello Kitty display in a toy shop. She was so surprised, as she could not figure out where this unexpected reaction had come from, having never exposed her child to Hello Kitty before. So can we ever be sure if gender colour preferences stem from nature or nuture? Interestingly, research has shown that toys coloured red are attractive to both boys and girls, and consistently out perform sales of like toys in any other colour, whether that toy be a Telletubby or a vehicle; Could this be a reaction to human beings biological attraction to the colour red?

    Beyond toys, the launch of a pink pen labeled “Miss Bic” by pen manufacturer Bic, sparkled the furor of consumers who posted highly amusing critical reviews on Amazon in response:

    Gender Inequality, Vivid Brand Blog


    The reactions were hysterical, with reviewers stating : “Finally I can become a proper Woman” , “My mum told me that the ‘miss bic’ pens were for woman who found it hard to hold a proper man pen” and “A Feminine Revolution”.

    Miss Bic review, Amazon, Vivid Brand Blog

    Check out more reviews for yourself here.

    In terms of price inequality, in the UK,  e-retailers seem to be better behaved than their French counterparts , as I spotted only minimal price difference between male and female like for like products.

    In fact, it even seems to be cheaper to moisturize yourself if you are a man:


    Gender Inequality, Vivid Brand Blog


    Gender Inequality, Vivid Brand Blog


    However I did notice a difference between male and female razors at Sainsbury:


    Gender Inequality, Vivid Brand Blog

    Here 10 BIC disposable razors for sensitive skin cost £1.80 whilst women have to spend at least £1 for 5 ‘classic Lady ‘ razors, so women are paying 20p more, for lower quality razors.

    Is gender marketing a bad thing?

    It is important to first differentiate gender stereotyping, from categorisation/merchandising in store and products created to appeal to specific groups of people.

    Targeting products at specific audiences is important, because that is how you match relevant needs and behaviours. However, dramatized stereotyping at shelf might exclude an item’s potential to appeal to other users. (See example from this tweet and pic taken by a female consumer at Sainsbury below)

    Gender Inequality, Vivid Brand Blog

    Then, there is a way to do gender marketing smartly. Let’s take the example of Harley Davidson, probably one of the manliest brands ever. The brand has been targeting women in its marketing over the past few years, but the new Marketing Director of the brand, who is a woman, said it clearly “Harley Davidson delivers the same message to both targets. We do not sell a motorbike, we do sell an experience, so there is not a male and a female motorbike.” As a consequence, even if the product itself has been redesigned to better answer female bikers’needs, Harley tries to highlight women throughout its brand values of life, freedom and dream, without the need to adapt the brand message to a “girly” tonality. http://www.soundharley.com/HOG/Ladies-of-Harley

    The common theory behind gender marketing is that brands and distributors impose higher prices on women based on the assumption that they are ready to pay more than men for a product. Other theories sumise that women are looking for the “best option” while men are looking for the “good option”.

    But is this still the  case? 10 years ago, male ‘grooming’ consisted of a bit of soap and water in the shower and a touch of gel. Today in the UK, men dedicate as much money towards their own grooming as women do. In fact, the male grooming market increased by 66% in the UK over the past year according to the Financial Times. So even if there are behavioural differences  in shopping between men and women, male shoppers appear to have evolved into expert shopeprs who demand more in some categories of product. It is possible that as this shopper behaviour evolves, gender marketing might disappear naturally in certain categories as the differences between male and female needs and approaches edge ever closer.

    What is clear, is that if nothing changes at shelf, we can assume that brands and distributors will be forced to justify price gaps by savvy shoppers who will want to perceive the real product value beyond something more that a packaging or product colour, or the title ‘Lady’ or ‘Miss’.

    Article by Laurence Poichot, Senior Planner

  • Remember, Remember the Month of Movember

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    Movember is fast becoming a British institution, where every year top lips around the country are decorated by moustachioed manliness in the name of charity. We had a look at the brands that were jumping on board and raising awareness for the very important men’s health charity:


    Three of Kevin.Murphy’s bestselling men’s products have had their packaging redesigned to promote Movember and men’s health awareness. Featuring a small moustache on the packaging and including a stick-on moustache gift with purchase throughout the month of November. The brand is supporting the Movember Foundation, and supporting the initiative through its partner salons with three limited edition products.

    kevin.murphy movember marketing, shopper marketing, vivid brand

    The brand will be pushing the campaign on social media channels using #KMovember and through eye catching POS units such as this one.. :

    kevin.murphy movember marketing 2014, shopper marketing, vivid brand

    Aer Lingus

    The airline Aer Lingus has unveiled their latest tash-tastic recruit: Des, the Mo Plane!

    Aer Lingus #Movember marketing, vivid brandaer lingus, movember marketing, shopper marketing, vivid brand

     Des’s makeover was documented on the company’s Twitter, Vine and Snapchat accounts.

    Aer Lingus Movember marketing 2014, shopper marketing, vivid brand


    Penhaligon’s have created a special moustache wax  exclusively for Movember, for any “Mo Bro” who wants to shape his Mo into a sculptured piece of art! 

    penhaligons Movember marketing 2014, shopper marketing, vivid brand

    The brand has filled their website and social media sites with Movember themed information. The brand will donate £2 of every purchase to the charity.

    penhaligons Movember marketing 2014, shopper marketing, vivid brand

    To build awareness Penhaligon’s placed a call-to-action on its social media pages, asking consumers to find out how they can join in the efforts by reading an article published on the brand’s blog.

    Penhaligons, movember marketing, shopper marketing, vivid brand


    As official sponsers of Movember, the shaving brand encourage participants to keep their new facial hair looking as sharp as poss with regular trimming with a suitable Gillette product

    gillette, movember marketing, shopper marketing, vivid brand

    gillette movember marketing, shopper marketing, vivid brand



    An official partner of Movember, Playstation have shown their support in numerous print ads which side up the regular branding with a Movember moustache!

    playstation movember 2014, shopper marketing, vivid brand

    playstation movember marketing, vivid brand, shopper marketing

    HP Sauce

    For the third year running, HP Sauce UK has teamed up with Movember, and this years marketing involves the launch of a Facebook campaign. Starting from 1st of November, and taking place every Friday throughout the month, HP Sauce will introduce a different task for its fans, challenging them to show off their moustaches. Fans need to upload their pictures to the HP Sauce UK Facebook page, after which five photos will be selected each week to receive a digital sketch of their picture by The Gallery of Mo.

    HP sauce Movember marketing 2014, shopper marketing, vivid brand  
    HP sauce Movember marketing 2014, shopper marketing, vivid brand

    Aussie Hair

    The haircare brand are sponsoring Movember this year and have created a series of online banners to push for women to support the Movember cause also.

    aussie hair, movember marketing, shopper marketing, vivid brand

    aussie hair, movember marketing, shopper marketing, vivid brand

    House of Fraser

    House of Fraser jump on board the Movember train with this helpful video full of tips for getting that moustache gorgeously groomed!


    River Island

    The official clothing partner for Movember, River Island has launched a line of four cotton button-downs designed especially for the charity, with 30 per cent of the proceeds from each purchase will go directly to men’s health charities

    river island Movember marketing 2014, shopper marketing, vivid brand

    They have joined forces with another Movember supporter, Gillette, to create a Shave Down event in store!
    river island movember

    Find out how you can support or participate in growing a moustache for Movember to support mens charities here.


  • Wickedly Good Halloween Marketing Campaigns

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    The month of October sees the marketing world embrace their love for the dark side and have a little fun for Halloween. By getting into the spirit of the holiday, brands can reach out to customers in unconventional ways to increase customer engagement and raise brand awareness. From spooky to just plain funny, here’s our round up of the best Halloween themed marketing around:

    (Warning, this post is features lots of gore, ghosts and spider webs!)



    Using the hashtag #TrickOrTreat, customers can prizes by sharing their themed costumes on Twitter or Instagram to win prizes. The website also has dedicated pages for customers to browse suitable accessories that can be put together to create an eerie ensemble.


    topshop halloween marketing 2014, trick or tweet, shopper marketing, vivid brand

    This Halloween push is mirrored on their other platforms, such as their Instagram below:

    Topshop, Halloween marketing, web design, shopper marketing, vivid brand 


    Oreo Cookie celebrates Halloween with a ‘Little shop of horrors’ inspired Vine that shows for the first time on videograph the creation of an #OreoLab ‘nomster’.

    oreo halloween marketing, shopper marketing, vivid brand

    oreo halloween marketing, shopper marketing, vivid brand

    oreo halloween marketing, shopper marketing, vivid brand


    ASOS engage their customers with lots of glamorous yet spooky Halloween costume ideas for fashion conscious party goers.

    ASOS, Halloween marketing, web design, shopper marketing, vivid brand

    ASOS have been utilising all the social media channels, such as Vine and Twitter (seen below) in their cute themed posts that show staff members dressed up and ready to party in style!

    ASOS halloween marketing 2014, shopper marketing, vivid brand


    Everybody knows that Horror movie characters make poor decisions, so Geico urge viewers not to make the same bas mistakes and chose them as your car insurer. A fun little jab at all the horror movie clichés in this ‘just in time for Halloween’ advert.



    LEGO has launched a ‘spookify your LEGO sets’ contest on its website, where builders can upload pictures of their creations and have them featured throughout the month.

    lego halloween marketing, vivid brand, shopper marketing

    The contest has had a great reaction on social media, with posts on Instagram getting over 21 thousand ‘likes’ and lots of customer engagement on Twitter and Facebook.

    lego #spookifyyourset , Halloween marketing, shopper marketing, vivid brand


    Never shy to celebrate, Asda have pulled out all the stops to push Halloween on multi-platforms and using a variety of technology.

    asda halloween marketing 2014, shopper marketing, vivid brand

    There are lots of in-store displays and even a whole aisle dedicated to Halloween accessories for party goers!

     asda halloween marketing, shopper marketing, vivid brand

    The store are also using augmented reality to hold a Monster Hunt in-store ahead of Halloween where shoppers are invited to take part in stores around the country. Using clue sheets as well as the AR technology, shoppers can ‘zap’ masks on their smart device to reveal AR content and transform themselves into character Sir Spook or George-ina, using the “Spook Swap” function to switch between characters.

    asda halloween zappar, halloween shopper marketing, vivid brand
    The Monster Hunt has been well advertised in store, in their Asda printed magazine, as well on line as seen below:
    asda halloween marketing 2014, vivid brand, shopper marketing


    Skittles gives arachnophobes even more ammunition for their fears with a new ad featuring a giant, talking spider and his run-in with Halloween trick-or-treaters.



    IKEA Singapore has recreated it’s own terrifying version of The Shining.Late night shopping will never feel the same again eeek!


    If the video leaves you inspired as well as terrified, customers can also check out the US Ikea website for themed room suggestions that transform regular products into Halloween suitable pieces

    ikea halloween marketing 2014, shopper marketing, vivid brand

    And here in the UK, the Facebook page continues to appropriate regular Ikea items into Halloween accessories – A great way to inspire customers and drive purchase.

    ikea halloween marketing 2014, shopper marketing, vivid brand


    Mini Babybel has released special limited edition Halloween packaging for the second year in a row, by taking the regular red casing and adding the face of a gruesome ghoul into the mix! 

    babybel halloween 2014, halloween marketing, shopper marketing, vivid brand

    babybel halloween 2014, halloween marketing, shopper marketing, vivid brand

    The brand also have a new downloadable augmented reality and gaming app, called Babybel Buddies.By scanning their individual wrappers, consumers can enjoy an augmented reality experience featuring one of the six Mini Babybel Halloween characters.

    halloween marketing, shopper marketing, vivid brand


    This Halloween, Waterstones have invited customers to play a blogger mystery game called, The Descendents, which will incorporate diary entries and Twitter clues to allow players to piece together the mystery and unmask the blogger-averse creature. A dedicated Twitter account called @mysteryclues plays host to the collection of clues, red herrings and wild theories from rival players. Any sleuths who correctly piece together what’s going on using the hashtag #bloggermystery will receive a £50 book token courtesy of the retailer.

    waterstones murder mystery, halloween marketing 2014, shopper marketing, vivid brand

    waterstones murder mystery, halloween marketing 2014, shopper marketing, vivid brand

    Chupa Chups

    Chupa Chups have launched a Halloween themed ‘choose your own adventure’ style game on Instagram, where players navigate a haunted house in search of a kidnapped Chupa Chups lollipop before it gets a licking, making a series as of crucial decisions as they do so, with plenty of horror tropes and film references to keep people amused!


    The Halloween theme is covered on all of the brands social platforms, including on Facebook where the hashtag #dontgiveachop followed with a picture of some spooky finger art can result in prizes for winners!

    chupa chups, halloween marketing, shopper marketing, vivid brand

    chupa chups, halloween marketing #dontgiveachop shopper marketing vivid brand 



    Feel like more? Then check out our Halloween pin board ! 






  • Hurray for National Chocolate Week!

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    If you’re a choc-aholic, you’ll love Chocolate Week! Held from 13-19 October 2014, it is seven solid days of unadulterated Choccy heaven indulgence and what better way to grab your attention than through fabulous packaging design.

    We rounded up some chocolate packaging designs that caught our eye:

    The 12 Days of Chocolate

    A humorous riff on the “12 Days of Christmas“, each wrapper features a different aspect of the design process from frayed nerves to a perfect proof.


    Chocolates with attitude

    Each of these chocolate filled tins represents an archetype/a personality in the shape of an old fashioned pin-up girl. Perfect for gifting!
    12 26 12 cwa
    12 26 12 cwa4 

    Fat Pig 

    Packaging that appeals to self confessed chocolate pigs!


    Choc Noodle

    In honour of National Chocolate Week, high-end chocolatier Paul A. Young has teamed up with  Pot Noodle to create the ‘Choc Noodle’ which features the classic branded packaging with a creamy twist!

    choc noodle, national chocolate week, shopper marketing, vivid brand 


    Beautiful packaging that draws inspiration from the spectrum of hues from the cacao pods used in its production and typography from old vietnamese signage where the pods are sourced from.


    The Grown Up Chocolate Company

    Statement typography and teasing text, give this luxurious grown up chocolate a fun and childish twist. 

    05 27 13 top15chocolatebars 10

    India in a Bar

    Packaging created for a range of chocolate bars inspired by unique flavours found in some of the regions across the Indian sub-continent. Including paisley prints, lace patterns and regional elements that are represented in monochrome rather than the kitsch designs and colours commonly linked to India.
    04 10 12 choc4 


    Centred around the product, this chocolate packaging personifies and adds to the fun.

    04 20 12 mrchoc5
    mr chocolate, national chocolate week, packaging, shopper marketing, vivid brand

    Pandora Bell

    Pandora Bell’s easter eggs had real egg shell for the packaging, a testament to the fact that the best things really do come in small packages!

    pandora bell real eggshell

     For more chocolate and food packaging, check out our Pinterest board.


  • #BendGate Goes Viral for Apple’s new iPhone6

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    News that the much anticipated iPhone 6 has been bending in owners pockets has caused a storm on social media, with users jumping to Twitter, Facebook, Reddit and Imgur to mercilessly mock the latest Apple gadget.


    Kit Kat kicked off the jokes:

    iphone 6 #bendgate

    Followed closely by this little lot:

    iphone 6 #bendgate

    iphone 6 #bendgate

    iphone 6 #bendgate

    iphone 6 #bendgate

    iphone 6 #bendgate

    iphone 6 #bendgate

    Samsung’s response was superb:

    #bendgate iPhone 6

    Then all the jokes appeared:

    iphone 6 #bendgate

    iphone 6 #bendgate


    iphone 6 #bendgate


    #bendgate iPhone 6

    #bendgate iPhone 6

    #bendgate iPhone 6


  • 3D Printed Food

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    The concept of 3D-printed foods might seem relatively science fiction-based for some, but the reality is that this innovative technology is growing by leaps and bounds.  As food scarcity concerns rise and people on a global basis worry about food transportation, the ability to print a recipe or download a snack is sending shockwaves through a traditionally staunch industry.

    Print yourself in chocolate

    How could YOU get any better? Well if you were chocolate, that’s how!

    3d printed food

    Head over to Fabcafe in Shibuya, Tokyo, upload your wondrous self image and voila, a mini-me choccy version can be yours to eat. Narcissism at its best!

    Mobius Strip of Bacon


    The Sugar Lab

    The Sugar Lab  is where 3D printing meets the sweet satisfaction of sugar.

    3d printed food

    One 3D multi dimensional lump, or two?

    3D printing represents a paradigm shift for confectionary; transforming sugar into a 3 dimensional, structural medium. This technology makes it possible to engineer architectural, intricate and customized sweet things –  from sculptural, ornate cake toppers to personalized sugar cubes to sweeten your coffee, and everything imaginable in between.


    Want to impress the Joneses this Summer? Take your BBQ to the next level by introducing Hellmans printed selfies. Your burgers will never look back.



    Created by vending machines with a three-dimensional printing system, these 3D-printed Oreos are now available thanks to a partnership between Mondelēz International and Twitter.

    3d printed oreo

    Oreo fans will now be able to have “deliciously hyper-personalized and customized snacks based on real-time data collection,” says the team at Mondelēz.

    Users of the machine can browse trending flavors, or choose from 12 flavors.  They can then watch as their customized cookies get built, with the whole process taking just two minutes.

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