• Crafty Crisps

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    Food marketing has become a critical part of how consumers interact with the food they eat. Because we live in a society that is hyper-infused with countless food ads, branding, commercials and packaging all striving to grab the attention of our growling stomachs, food marketing has become a treacherous field of companies competing against companies to instantly target the stomachs and wallets of busy consumers. 

    We love this print campaign by Kettle Chips which celebrates and echoes Kettle’s own process for creating their perfectly seasoned handcooked chips by using ‘real food ingredients’ not flavourings. The brand did this by enlisting sculptors to recreate Kettle crisps packets out of different materials to show the association between Kettle chips and craftsmanship.

    The materials used were:



    kettle chips lovingly crafted campaign


    kettle chips lovingly crafted campaign


    kettle chips lovingly crafted campaign

    A great campaign that captures the essence of Kettle crisps, by continuing the association between Kettle Chips and craftsmanship   as well as offering something different and interesting for the consumer!

    This is not the first time that Kettle has celebrated craft in a campaign, in the below video they worked with a contemporary embroiderer who stitched the packaging and ingredients to emphasise the authenticity of the ingredients, having been ‘picked, gathered and grown’.

    Kettle Chips lovingly crafted

    It also cleverly ties in with their online presence and even ‘hand picked’ website competitions

    Kettle Chips lovingly crafted


  • Daddy Cool – This best dadvertising for Fathers Day

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    According to Retail Week, Father’s Day is expected to boost retail sales by £200m this weekend. We had a look at the variety of ways that brands are capitalising on Dad love at retail.

    Duke Cannon Supply co.

    A brilliant and ususual marketing strategy from Duke Cannon Supply Co. that encourage viewers to give your  Dad ‘a gift he won’t hate’!

    duke cannon fathers day

    duke cannon fathers day

    duke cannon fathers day


    Pernod Ricard Personalisation

    Timed to coincide with Father’s Day, Pernod Ricard UK is giving shoppers a unique opportunity to personalise select bottles of whisky from its portfolio with the launch of its ‘Your Signature Spirit campaign’. The campaign will drive consumers – via on-pack communication – to a dedicated microsite, where they can personalise bottle labels to create a memorable gift!

    pernod ricard fathers day personalisation

    Thorntons Personalisation

    The best thing about chocolate is that it can be made suitable for any occasion, here is a great example of Thorntons making their personalisation service Fathers Day appropriate. 

    thorntons fathers day personalisation


     The most talked about ad of the season, Dove hopes to change this portrayal of fatherhood in its new campaign, launched ahead of Father’s Day. It specifically targets dads who feel their child-rearing skills are not fairly represented in the media. A great way of pulling at the heart strings and reminding viewers that Fathers Day is a great way to say thanks for all those special ‘Dad Moments’.


    John Lewis Gift Ideas

    Great web layout by John Lewis who offer easy to sort through present ideas based around all the different Dad types out there. 

    john lewis gift guides

    Chivas Regal Facebook Campaign

    This was from last year, but we loved it! Chivas Regal offered customers the chance to create a special message to their Dad via the Facebook app.

    chivas regal fathers day campaign

    chivas regal fathers day campaign

    chivas regal fathers day campaign 

    The app also allowed you to create a dedicated cover art for your Facebook page!



  • The Power of Occasion Based Marketing

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    When it comes to marketing foods, the power of Occasions Based Marketing, has been recognised for a long time. Since consumers eat by occasions, not by demographics or psychographics, owning a consumption occasion provides an opportunity to speak to consumers across the board and make particular brands synonymous with an occasion. There are many food related brand exponents of OBM, some of which we have collated below for your viewing pleasure! 


    Birds Eye


    birds eye occasion marketing

    This new Birds Eye campaign aims to encourage people to consider the brand for more meal occasions in a fun and family orientated piece. Over the past couple of years, Birds Eye have shifted from product-based to occasion-based marketing to change consumer perceptions of the frozen food sector. Using this method, Birds Eye highlight the health benefits of its products while also offering recipe suggestions to bring its marketing more in line with its key audience of mums.

    Marks and Spencer

    marks and spencer occasional marketing

    It’s the Marks & Spencer ‘dine in for 2 for a tenner’ campaign.  You’ve never seen occasion-based messaging quite so blatant or quite so well done as this. A brilliant strategy in an economic downturn, with things still looking pretty dire overall in the Mother Country.

    Pop Secret

    pop secret popcorn occasion marketing

    pop secret popcorn occasion marketing 

    American Pop Corn brand, ‘Pop Secret’ launched a campaign that focuses on the home movie-watching experience, linking the brand to eating occasions with classic movies. A great refresh of an already strong pairing between product and occasion, but revamped and strongly branded. 


    asda occasion marketing

    Asda’s Easter campaign encourages the UK to have some fun and create a dancing chick which they can share with friends via social media! 


    kelloggs breakfast bars occasion marketing

     Kelloggs dominate the breakfast category with an array of occasion specific products, but takes the product away from the breakfast table by including biscuits you can consume on the go.


    lyles occasion marketing

    Through specialist packaging the brand encourages families to bake more at key times of year, such as Halloween, Christmas and Pancake Day, with packs including recipe suggestions showcasing the versatility of the products. A fun way to attract adults and children alike!


    tefal occasion based marketing

    As part of a clever marketing campaign Tefal launched an app where you can get a “unique pancake day photo” of your face in a pancake! A great way to strengthen ties to the brand and Pancake day as well as providing a fun way for consumers to get creative and share the results through social media.


     Coca-Cola occasion marketing

    It wouldn’t be quite right to present a collection of occasion based marketeers without including Coke.  These occasion based advertisements began as a way of creating adverts associating Christmas and Santa Claus with the drink because people often thought of Coca‑Cola as a summer beverage. However, decades later and the iconic Coke Santa is still reminding people that Coca‑Cola is the perfect festive beverage.

  • Top 10 Alcohol Packs

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    A lot of research and investigation in the seedy pubs, bars and private member dens of London, Moscow &  Mexico went into the curation of this post. Hic….


    Colier Sparking Wine

    Colliers Packagin_Vivid Brand Blog

    Colliers Packagin_Vivid Brand Blog

    Colliers Packagin_Vivid Brand Blog


    My Private Brewery

    My Private Brewery_Vivid Brand Blog


    Viejo Inde Cente

    Viejo Inde Cente_Vivid Brand Blog


    Two Roads to Courage, featuring Bulleit Bourbon

     Two Roads to Courage, Vivid Brand

    A gentleman by the name of  Tyler Riewer  is fortunate to have the best friends on the planet.  As a birthday gift, they created a custom suitcse fitted to hold a set of brass knuckles and a bottle of Bulleit Bourbon. The custom case features the words “Life is a daring adventure, or nothing,” on the exterior along with the phrase “sack up.” Inside, presumably an indicator that the contents are meant to prepare one for said adventure is the legend, “two roads to courage.”


    Absolut Crystal

    Absolut Crystal_ Vivid Brand  


    Crystal Head Vodka

     Crystal Head Vodka, Vivid Brand


    Vintage Beer Packs

     Mens Beer_Vivid Brand


    Fallen Angel

     Fallen Angel_ Vivid Brand



     Smirnoff Vodka_Vivid Brand

    Smirnoff Vodka_Vivid Brand


    Jack Daniels

    Jack Daniels_ Vivid Brand

  • Harrods

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    Harrods Packaging

    Harrods Packaging

    Harrods Packaging

    Harrods Packaging

    Harrods Packaging


  • New Coke 375ml Packaging and Shopper Marketing launches

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    Coca-Cola have announced that they are launching a new ‘pocket sized’ range of bottles to sit alongside their core range of Classic Coke, Diet Coke and Coke Zero. The new PET range will be smaller than the standard sized bottle consumers have become accustomed to and will hold 375ml of drink.

     Coke 375ml, Coca-Cola, Vivid Brand

    Gideon Karmiloff, MD at Vivid Brand said: ‘Targeting the on-the-go occasion with a smaller pack size has been driven by key consumer insights. The Shopper Campaign and packaging we developed leverage these to connect Coca-Cola with shoppers at the decisive moment of purchase in store.”

     “With over 70% of purchasing decisions made at the chiller cabinet, we needed a simple, disruptive and relevant visual identity to stand out within the cluttered and competitive environment.“

    Vivid Brand’s Creative Director, explains: “ We highlighted the new smaller size and convenience of 375ml by clearly communicating the pocket size nature of the product. The packaging design was particularly challenging as the label is small so we focused on optimising the brand standout and de-cluttering the information.”

    Coca-Cola’s Marketing Manager, says: “This is an exciting moment for Coca-Cola and builds on our commitment to growing the choice of products available to consumers. The 375ml bottle is designed to be an affordable addition to the current range that fits in well with consumers’ busy lifestyles and desire for products they can consume whilst on the move.  Vivid Brand helped us create a great insight driven VIS toolkit supported by their strong understanding of good pack design and shopper needs. “

    See the full case study of the project here

    For more information, contact Vivid Brand: Gideon Karmiloff, Tel: 0207 421 1750



  • Coca-Cola 375ml bottle launch

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     Coca-Cola 375ml bottle launch, Vivid Brand

    Coca-Cola 375ml bottle launch, Vivid Brand

    Coca-Cola Coke 375ml PET bottle launch, Vivid Brand

    Coca-Cola 375ml bottle launch, Vivid Brand

    Coca-Cola 375ml bottle launch, Vivid Brand

    Coke 375ml Pet Bottle launch, Vivid Brand Blog

    Coke 375ml Bottle Launch, Vivid Brand

    Coke 375ml Bus_Vivid Brand

    Coca-Cola 375ml bottle launch, Trade Marketing, Vivid Brand

  • Philips Asia

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  • Siete Pecados – Packaging

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    “A Series of wines inspired by the Seven Deadly Sins. The design of the bottles reflect each one of the sins visually. Fall into temptation.”

    Designed by Sidecar | Country: Spain








  • Hamleys Brand & Packaging

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    Hamleys, Vivid Brand

    Hamleys, Vivid Brand

    Hamleys, Vivid Brand

    Hamleys, Vivid Brand

    Hamleys, Vivid Brand

    Hamleys, Vivid Brand

    Hamleys, Vivid Brand

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