• New Coke 375ml Packaging and Shopper Marketing launches

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    Coca-Cola have announced that they are launching a new ‘pocket sized’ range of bottles to sit alongside their core range of Classic Coke, Diet Coke and Coke Zero. The new PET range will be smaller than the standard sized bottle consumers have become accustomed to and will hold 375ml of drink.

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    Gideon Karmiloff, MD at Vivid Brand said: ‘Targeting the on-the-go occasion with a smaller pack size has been driven by key consumer insights. The Shopper Campaign and packaging we developed leverage these to connect Coca-Cola with shoppers at the decisive moment of purchase in store.”

     “With over 70% of purchasing decisions made at the chiller cabinet, we needed a simple, disruptive and relevant visual identity to stand out within the cluttered and competitive environment.“

    Vivid Brand’s Creative Director, explains: “ We highlighted the new smaller size and convenience of 375ml by clearly communicating the pocket size nature of the product. The packaging design was particularly challenging as the label is small so we focused on optimising the brand standout and de-cluttering the information.”

    Coca-Cola’s Marketing Manager, says: “This is an exciting moment for Coca-Cola and builds on our commitment to growing the choice of products available to consumers. The 375ml bottle is designed to be an affordable addition to the current range that fits in well with consumers’ busy lifestyles and desire for products they can consume whilst on the move.  Vivid Brand helped us create a great insight driven VIS toolkit supported by their strong understanding of good pack design and shopper needs. “

    See the full case study of the project here

    For more information, contact Vivid Brand: Gideon Karmiloff, Tel: 0207 421 1750



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