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    Pantone’s Queen colours

    Queen's Pantone, Jubilee  Queen's Pantone, Jubilee

    Marmite’s Ma’amite Packaging and campaign

    Marmite's Ma'amite Packaging to celebrate the Jubilee

    Marmite is a British institution and a sure way of spotting a true Brit! This is a clever play on the brand name and the patriotic flag amplifies this to desirable special edition pack status. Using the pack to form part of a royal crest with Her Majesty’s corgis and a joke Motto is hysterical. So very British Darlings. So much so that #thequeen is endorsing this on Twitter also. 

    Check out the video: 

    T-Mobile Jubilee Viral Campaign:

    Another fun video from T-Mobile, showcasing all the eccentricities and personalities that make up British life. 

    El Paso: Jubilicious campaign encouraging everyone to celebrate by doing a mexican wave

    el paso Jubilee Campaign

    Heathrow’s Royal Runway:

    Heathrow royal runway, Jubilee

    Given the hoo-haa and negative publicity about the appalling reception that foreign visitors are receiving in the arrival lounge at Heathrow, this may go someway to bringing a wan smile to visitors (at least until they get into their 3 hour queue).

    The flag  spans 540 square metres, measuring 30 metres in height and is positioned next to the northern runway so passengers can see the image as their flights land.

    Red carpets will be laid out across arrivals halls in the airport and Diamond Jubilee and Union Jack flags will be handed out. There will also be live music performances . An array of congratulatory messages will be collected from consumers to be sent to the Queen (lets hope they catch them at the beginning of the queue!)

    Baskin Robbins

    Baskin Robbins Jubilee Corgis

    Baskin-Robbins UK has unveiled a “For Queen and country” campaign which offers customers 60% off every Cherry Jubilee milkshake – one per cent for every year the Queen has been monarch.

    31 “celebrity dressed” Corgis, (one for every flavour of Baskin-Robbins ice-cream) have been photographed and each day a dressed up Corgi will be featured on Facebook and fans are asked to guess who they are, with the opportunity to win various prizes. The social element allows you to post on timelines and share with friends. 

    Baskin Robin's Corgi Jubilee Campaign on Facebook

    Poor little Corgis. My entry was most definitely Pamela Anderson -- enter for yourself here

    The Big Lunch by the Eden Project

    The Big Lunch Jubilee

    An Initiative launched by the Eden project to promote neighbours gathering together to share a big Jubilee lunch together. The site is sponsored by Asda and Kingsmill and features articles on how to prepare for your lunch, with recipes and downloadable, editable posters to promote the event.  

    Douwe Egberts are also supporting this via Facebook competitions and Iceland have developed a Facebook Page to help people prepare and plan for their Big Lunch. 

     Douwe Egberts Jubilee Campaign

    Even the Queen can afford these deals

    Iceland Jubilee Campaign

    Perhaps visit Pizza Hut for their Crowning Glory Royal Pizza! No lunch (or breakfast after the night before) is complete with out a cold slice! 

    Pizza Express Jubilee Pizza

    Find out more about the Big Lunch here 

    Celebrate with Mr Monkey from PG Tips on Facebook and drink lots of tea to our Queen (PG tips of course!)

    Mr Monkey Jubilee on Facebook

    Any Hindmarch

    Become queen over the peasants for a day and get a bespoke Maude handbag with your initials embroidered on it to wave with your be-gloved hand. 

    Anya Hindmarch Queen for a Day

    Net a Porter have created a campaign via Facebook, encouraging their fans to check out their crown jewels.

    Net-a-Porter crown Jewels

    When you follow the link you end up on their selection of sparkly jewellery. Simple and nice idea to leverage the opportunity. 

    Visit Selfridges and check out their amazing themed windows or see their British shop online at www.selfridges.co.uk

    Selfridges British Jubilee Shop

    Liberty is a much loved, quintessentially British retailer and are supporting the Jubilee online and in store with much pomp and pageantry

    Liberty Jubilee Page

    Harrods Best of British

    Harrods Best of British, Jubilee

    Elizabeth’s official website:

    Elizabeth Windsor website

    Hysterical spoof Queen site on Twitter -- well worth following. 

     The Jubilee Time Capsule

    The Jubilee Time Capsule 

    A fantastic initiative in association with National Express (connection anyone?), encouraging anyone to record a memory from 1952 to the present moment and have this captured in a digital timeline. Princess Eugenie has recorded her thoughts on her Granny the Queen, as have many ‘ordinary people’ who talk about key events in history, personal memories, sporting events or just thoughts. Check it out or record your own memory here

    Victoria Station Toilets Sign

    Victoria Station toilets, Jubilee alteration

    Not technically a campaign --  but I love how regular communication has been altered to celebrate the jubilee (I’m guessing this was not Victoria Station’s initiative though.


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