• How’s your day been Madam?

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    Never has a man so regretted asking me that question as the poor guy in Pret a Manger on Theobolds Rd did today. I suppose he was expecting a ‘fine’, but I was in an honest mood and so all my trials and tribulations fell out my mouth – oops!

    What happened next was a surprise – the same kind Spanish man came over and deposited a Latte ‘on the house’ and said ” I hope your day gets better!’. Well it already has! So thank you Mr Pret man, for your simple act of kindness :)

    This blog post is in honour of you and Pret a Manger, who I think are doing a magnificent branding job, but who also genuinely seem to care about their customers. Whilst Starbucks recently ran their ‘Introduce yourself today and get a free Latte’ campaign, Pret seem to already know their regular customers, to engage with them on a one-to-one, real level (that is not directed from Coffee HQ) and to know their names already.


    The interior reflects the natural ethics of the brand . The supporting strap line reminds you that you are eating freshly prepared food.

    Even the napkins re-enforce that brand ethics

    A reminder that Pret has been around since 1986 and was one of the pioneers of freshly made, natural, fast food in the UK.

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