• Has anyone noticed London is hosting the Olympics?

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    As I shuffled along the tube platform this morning,  I knew today would not be like any other day.

    Peering through the tube windows as Britain’s best sped into Golders Green, faster than Visa Flow, I could sense that something was different about this train today. Not only could I see an empty seat in my sight, but It also looked like I might not have to compete in a multi-man/woman/dog/shopping trolley wrestle through the doors to get to it.  There was also no need for my usual (winning) 2m hurdle sprint to the seat across various multi media devices and sports bags either. Indeed all the competitive, nail biting elements of alighting my morning tube had been cruelly snatched away from me. What could be going on?!

    Ahh yes… its the OLYMPICS!!! 

    As if any Londoner could possibly have missed this…(and than goodness for Boris’s 1984 style tannoy greetings, just in case we had) today is indeed the day we show the world what we are made of (McDonalds, Coca-Cola and Weetabix?) . 

    So we simply couldn’t let today go by, without a mention of some of the Olympic Campaigns, Graphics, Architecture and Sponsorships out in the web sphere, and literally plastered all around London town.

    Here is our pick of the best and the rest, for your delight. Drop us a line with your favourites.

    GO GO GO TEAM GB!!!!! 

    Borris Johnson on the Olympics

    Adidas Team GB -- Official Sponsor of the Olympics ‘Take the Stage’:


    Adidas Print campaign:

    adidas_olympics_2012  adidas_olympics_2012

    We are also loving Adidas’s work with Metro , which we spotted this morning. Simply take the Adidas sponsored metro cover down to an Adidas store to get one of 17 limited edition prints. We’re heading down after work. 

    Adidas exclusive prints

    Adidas also caused a bit of a furore virally, with their ‘take the stage’ photo booth at Westfield, Stratford, when the rather lovely David Beckham popped up unexpectedly. Check it out: 

    And Nike’s unofficial rousing ad:

    Although it is really about winning isn’t it…

    Inspiring Paralympics Advert:

    You’ll never sit in your office chair again whining you are too tired to go the gym after work.

    ‘The Best Job’ from P&G:

    Thanks goodness for Mum’s (and Dad’s!)

    Omega ‘Start Me Up’: 

    Another good reason to save up for an Omega (hint hint..)

    Coca-Cola’s ‘Future Flames’ Olympic Torch Relay

    The torch was lit in Olympia in Greece and started it’s UK journey in Landsend. It has since travelled an estimated 8000 miles all over the country carried by the lucky people who won the competition to be a ‘Future Flame’ torch carrier. James Quincey, President, Northwest Europe & Nordics, Coca‑Cola, said: “We’re extremely proud to be sponsoring the London 2012 Olympic Torch Relay and know from first-hand experience how powerful it can be in inspiring local communities to get involved in the spirit of the world’s biggest festival of sport. We’ll be helping to spread the magic of London 2012 right across the UK, and we intend to shine a light on the best of British youth by giving them the chance to carry the Olympic Flame.” 

    Coke have been celebrating the Future Flames and the Olympic Torch Relay at a massive 66 evening celebrations along the Olympic Torch Relay route. The runners were supported by an impressive entourage of Coca-Cola ‘Move to the Beat’ Beat Box DJ trucks steaming through cities and windy country lanes, with some of the best talent in British music, including Mark Ronson, Katy B, Will.I.Am, Dizzee Rascal and Jessie Jay. culminating in a concert at London’s Hyde Park, the night before the Olympic Opening Ceremony. 

    Mark Ronson and Katy B enjoy a coke at the Torch Relay

    Download / Listen to Mark Ronson’s anthem ‘ Anywhere in the World’ here. 

    Coca-Cola Olympic Park Pavillion

    Coke Olympic Park pavillion

    Created by young architects Asif Khan and Pernilla Ohrstedt the Pavillion is a temporary structure with a secret ‘interactive experience’.

     Coca-Cola Olympic Pavillion

     The façade comprises of more than 200 interlocking, translucent air cushions – many of which are touch-sensitive “instruments”, that can be played as you scale the spiralling structure. 

    EDF City Hall Projection:

    If you are in London, find this on the Southbank and view at night.

    and the very amusing ‘Heros’ ad from EDF: 


    Visa ‘ Go with the Flow’

    Anyone who has been through Paddington may have inadvertently walked/run down this. Really nice idea. 
    visa go with the flow

    Weetabix ‘ Fuel for Life:

    weetabix 'Fuel Britannia' for the Olympics

    Or you may prefer a McDonalds?

    BA’s ‘Scream if you want to go faster’ 

    BA Olympics

    Given this was taken in the Underground of London, the answer was most definitely : aaaaaggggghhhhhhhh!!! 

    Specsavers Korea Ad

    Specsavers have controversially taken out a press ad based on the Olympic mix-up that took place on Wednesday, when the wrong country’s flag was displayed before a football match, following on from the optician’s recent activity that referenced Euro 2012.

    specsavers Olympic Korea ad

    A beautiful film about training for the Olympics

    ‘When I run, I know in my heart that if I work hard I will succeed’

    Watch trailer here

    The village of Bekoji in Ethopia has produced some of the world’s  greatest distance athletes. This trailer is an introduction to the upcoming feature film to be released shortly. Find out more here

    The medals

    And what’s it all about??? Ahh yes… MEDALS! Glory and victory. Of course, it is also about the taking part (so long as you win for GB).

    For those of you reading who are not international athletes, this is what you TOO could get if you start hitting the gym at lunch times:

     Olympic medals, 2012

    Street Art

    Banksy could not let this event go by without a comment:

    Banksy comment

    Twenty Twelve:

    I imagine that the planning of the Olympics was somewhat like this. For a light hearted take on the Olympic countdown, check out this latest episode on iPlayer:

    Twenty Twelve BBC ‘documentary’ about the run up to the Olympics: With 10 days to go to hand over to  the deliverance team, chaos ensues. Watch the final Twenty Twelve show here.  

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