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    One of our designers passed this near our offices at lunch time. If you press the button you can get a Free Angel slice! Ooh!

    Kipling Angel Cake Bus Stop, Vivid Brand Blog

    A great idea – but possibly a bit miss-able! Could Kipling have pushed the boat out even more with this? Imagine that you are sitting at a bus stop and the screen is taken over by someone tantalisingly eating a cake and then they turn to offer you a free slice of cake, encouraging you to push the button? Having someone appear to interact with you and this engagment ending with a real cake delivery would have been memorable and fun. 

    It set us thinking about other creative uses for bus stops, about harnessing this latent moment when consumers are essentially bored and desperate to be entertained and a captive audience whilst they wait for a bus. How can marketeers and shopper marketing agencies harness this opportunity to drive awareness of brands or product launches, interact with customers and create memorable moments, or leverage the proximity of bus stops to retailers to drive footfall?

    Here are some great examples we found: 

    Refreshing Coca-Cola

    Coca - Cola Bus Stop, Vivid Brand Blog

    Reminding customers of the ‘refreshing’ nature of Coca-Cola whilst they sit sweltering at a bus stop.

    Coca-Cola, Vivid Brand Blog

    An amusing and memorable way to communicate this message.

    Coca - Cola Bus Stop, Vivid Brand Blog

    A nice cool Coke from a surprise bus stop fridge! Yes please! 


    Coca - Cola Bus Stop, Vivid Brand Blog

    Who can resist writing on a plaster cast? 

    Palmolive – Shower in the street

    Palmolive shower in the street, Vivid Brand Blog

    For exhibitionists only! 


    caribou-ooh, Vivid Brand Blog

    At the other end of the Coke refreshment scale – Toasty! 


    Lichtenstein, Vivid Brand Blog

    Bus stop art.

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