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    Bonkers! Well we could not have put it better ourselves, Mr Rascal!

    Whilst the Opening Ceremony for the London 2012 Olympics was utterly and brilliantly bonkers, it was also a marvellous,  spectacular showcase for everything that we British hold dear. The stunning ceremony deftly and cleverly crafted by Danny Boyle (and we must assume a huge and talented production team) brilliantly took the viewer on a historical journey of British accomplishments, the development of our Industrial revolution from our cottage industries, to Social reforms, the NHS, the Digital Age, film and musical achievements, quirky eccentricities (Mr Bean anyone), and outstanding showmanship featuring Voldemort and a super creepy child catcher, all set to an outstanding soundtrack (which has since become the No 1 in 4 European countries). 

    And the ultimate bit?

    Well, whilst the Couldron and the method for creating the cauldron was a masterpiece of superb design and looks majestic flaming in the Stadium, this honour has to go to Bond, James Bond and our game for a laugh Queen. Bond and our Majesty chatting whilst corgis frolicked and then suddenly parachuting into the stadium was a genius master stroke. Well done Ma’am! And well done Mr Boyle and team. Superb show. 

    Here are our pics of the best moments throughout the ceremony: 

    The Red Arrows fly past


    Nobody does it better.

    The Olympic Stadium

    Olympic Stadium, Opening Ceremony

    Stunning pyrotechnics, devised by Kimbolton Pyrotechnics. 

    The Industrial Revolution

    industry, Olympics Opening Ceremony

    Showcasing the transition from our green and pleasant cottage industries, to the Industrial Revolution which transformed roads, rails, communication and British trade and industry.

    Flaming Olympics Rings

    olympic rings , Olympic Opening Ceremony

    We loved how the Olympic rings appeared to be ‘manufactured’ out of the British steelworks, rose majestically and then the pyrotechnic fireworks effect.  

    Socialist reforms and the NHS

    The Baby and NHS segment, Olympic Opening Ceremony

    The giant baby head was made of fibreglass and each bed was lit from beneath.

    Mary Poppins flies in

    Mary Poppins, Olympic Opening Ceremony

    Cute! 32 Mary Poppins slowly float in to save the day.


    Harry Potter, one of our most successful exports, was referenced during this section, with the use of a giant 18metre Voldemort puppet and an extract read by J.K. Rowling herself. 

    The Queen  (sort of) makes an entrance

    queen_parachuting, Olympic Opening Ceremony

    Her Majesty drops in on a Parachute emblazoned with our flag, to officially open the Olympic Games

    Mr Bean 

    A lovely comedy interlude with Mr Bean, allowed you to pause and fully appreciate the British take on farcical humour. 

    Glastonbury Tor (or to you and I, the grassy mound with flags)


    As each country and their athletes entered the stadium, their national flag was positioned on the grassy mound. Every county also carried a copper petal…it’s role much discussed, but for now a mystery…

    The Olympic Flame

    The mystery copper petals carried by each of the 204 countries competing in the games, were carefully added to ends of the sculpture created by Heatherwick Design Studios and manufactured in Harrogate, Yorkshire. 

    The Couldron was lit by 7 young athletes and then slowly, the magic began as each petal was drawn up into ten rings to the centre, to stand 8.5 metres proud, creating a dandelion of fire and the combined Olympic Flame. 


    The Doves

    A new take on releasing doves – Danny Boyle had 75 ‘Doves’ cycle around the stadium with ethereal flapping wings. On paper this could have been very bad, but in reality the effect was beautiful. 

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