• Free Cake!

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    One of our designers passed this near our offices at lunch time. If you press the button you can get a Free Angel slice! Ooh!

    Kipling Angel Cake Bus Stop, Vivid Brand Blog

    A great idea – but possibly a bit miss-able! Could Kipling have pushed the boat out even more with this? Imagine that you are sitting at a bus stop and the screen is taken over by someone tantalisingly eating a cake and then they turn to offer you a free slice of cake, encouraging you to push the button? Having someone appear to interact with you and this engagment ending with a real cake delivery would have been memorable and fun. 

    It set us thinking about other creative uses for bus stops, about harnessing this latent moment when consumers are essentially bored and desperate to be entertained and a captive audience whilst they wait for a bus. How can marketeers and shopper marketing agencies harness this opportunity to drive awareness of brands or product launches, interact with customers and create memorable moments, or leverage the proximity of bus stops to retailers to drive footfall?

    Here are some great examples we found: 

    Refreshing Coca-Cola

    Coca - Cola Bus Stop, Vivid Brand Blog

    Reminding customers of the ‘refreshing’ nature of Coca-Cola whilst they sit sweltering at a bus stop.

    Coca-Cola, Vivid Brand Blog

    An amusing and memorable way to communicate this message.

    Coca - Cola Bus Stop, Vivid Brand Blog

    A nice cool Coke from a surprise bus stop fridge! Yes please! 


    Coca - Cola Bus Stop, Vivid Brand Blog

    Who can resist writing on a plaster cast? 

    Palmolive – Shower in the street

    Palmolive shower in the street, Vivid Brand Blog

    For exhibitionists only! 


    caribou-ooh, Vivid Brand Blog

    At the other end of the Coke refreshment scale – Toasty! 


    Lichtenstein, Vivid Brand Blog

    Bus stop art.

  • New Coke 375ml Packaging and Shopper Marketing launches

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    Coca-Cola have announced that they are launching a new ‘pocket sized’ range of bottles to sit alongside their core range of Classic Coke, Diet Coke and Coke Zero. The new PET range will be smaller than the standard sized bottle consumers have become accustomed to and will hold 375ml of drink.

     Coke 375ml, Coca-Cola, Vivid Brand

    Gideon Karmiloff, MD at Vivid Brand said: ‘Targeting the on-the-go occasion with a smaller pack size has been driven by key consumer insights. The Shopper Campaign and packaging we developed leverage these to connect Coca-Cola with shoppers at the decisive moment of purchase in store.”

     “With over 70% of purchasing decisions made at the chiller cabinet, we needed a simple, disruptive and relevant visual identity to stand out within the cluttered and competitive environment.“

    Vivid Brand’s Creative Director, explains: “ We highlighted the new smaller size and convenience of 375ml by clearly communicating the pocket size nature of the product. The packaging design was particularly challenging as the label is small so we focused on optimising the brand standout and de-cluttering the information.”

    Coca-Cola’s Marketing Manager, says: “This is an exciting moment for Coca-Cola and builds on our commitment to growing the choice of products available to consumers. The 375ml bottle is designed to be an affordable addition to the current range that fits in well with consumers’ busy lifestyles and desire for products they can consume whilst on the move.  Vivid Brand helped us create a great insight driven VIS toolkit supported by their strong understanding of good pack design and shopper needs. “

    See the full case study of the project here

    For more information, contact Vivid Brand: Gideon Karmiloff, Tel: 0207 421 1750



  • How’s your day been Madam?

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    Never has a man so regretted asking me that question as the poor guy in Pret a Manger on Theobolds Rd did today. I suppose he was expecting a ‘fine’, but I was in an honest mood and so all my trials and tribulations fell out my mouth – oops!

    What happened next was a surprise – the same kind Spanish man came over and deposited a Latte ‘on the house’ and said ” I hope your day gets better!’. Well it already has! So thank you Mr Pret man, for your simple act of kindness :)

    This blog post is in honour of you and Pret a Manger, who I think are doing a magnificent branding job, but who also genuinely seem to care about their customers. Whilst Starbucks recently ran their ‘Introduce yourself today and get a free Latte’ campaign, Pret seem to already know their regular customers, to engage with them on a one-to-one, real level (that is not directed from Coffee HQ) and to know their names already.


    The interior reflects the natural ethics of the brand . The supporting strap line reminds you that you are eating freshly prepared food.

    Even the napkins re-enforce that brand ethics

    A reminder that Pret has been around since 1986 and was one of the pioneers of freshly made, natural, fast food in the UK.

  • A little bit of fun

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    There’s no rest for the wicked and so we have a ‘create a gif in your lunch hour’ friendly competition happening within the Vivid Brand offices.

    Check this cutey out:

     Greg's Childhood haunted by Giraffes, Vivid Brand Blog

    ‘Regressing back to my childhood’

    by Greg Shultz

  • Communication Clangars

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    There seems to be a never ending supply of ‘whoops’ moments in retail right now and we couldn’t resist sharing some of these clangers. 

    Thanks Mum! Make her day special

    mothers day fun, Vivid Brand Blog

    ..even if it is once a year! Amusing and ironic on so many levels..

    Welsh Fudge Ass, only at Tesco

    Tesco Communication Clangar, Vivid Brand Blog

    We’re loving Tesco’s Price Drop – this seems like an absolute bargain for a slice of Welsh ass! 


    Communication Clangars. VIvid Brand Blog

    I’m not that keen on Tuna actually.

    Waitrose’s new brand

    Waitrose. Communication Clangars, Vivid Brand Blog

    oh dear… 

    Railway Warning! 

    Railways - Communication Clangars, Vivid Brand Blog

    Bringing a whole new meaning to standing too close to the edge at Penrith! 

    TFL: Get Ready for Digital

    TFL - Communication Clangars, Vivid Brand Blog

    er…except you can’t actually get a digital signal on the tube

  • May the force be with you!

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    Iconic Star Wars characters as you have never seen them before. Look closely!

    These stunning illustrations were created for a campaign to promote the Star Wars exhibit of Montréal, in Canada.

    Star Wars Illustrations, Vivid Brand Blog

    Star Wars Illustrations, Vivid Brand Blog

    Star Wars Illustrations, Vivid Brand Blog

    Star Wars Illustrations, Vivid Brand Blog

    Star Wars Illustrations, Vivid Brand Blog

    Star Wars Illustrations, Vivid Brand Blog

  • Egg-citing! The Big Faberge Egg Hunt

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    Strolling through Covent Garden last week, I happened upon a peculiar but rather striking egg sculpture. On closer inspection, I discovered that I had unwittingly found Moonbow, number 84 of 200 eggs, scattered around London, in aid of  Action for Children.

    Moonbow Egg

    Spotted in Covent Garden by Rachel

    These egg-stroardinary eggs have been created by leading artists, designers, architects and jewellers. To find them yourself, download one of 12 zone maps and get searching around London as the more eggs you find, the more chance you stand of winning a fabulous prize: The Diamond Jubilee Egg, valued at over £100,000! Simply scan the QR code on the egg to log your find with Facebook, or send a text.

    Faberge Egg Hunt, Vivid Brand Blog

    Another spot by Seb – this time in Selfridges

    Faberge Egg Hunt, Vivid Brand Blog

    Spotted on the Southbank by Rachel

    Faberge Egg in Sweetshop, Covent Gdn

    A knitted egg spotted by Rachel in a Sweet Shop in Covent Garden

     The Big Faberge Egg Hunt

    Those of you sitting on a nest egg of cash could even become  the proud owner of one of these unique pieces of art through egg-sclusive auctions, or purchase egg goodies at The Big Egg Shop at Selfridges.

    So come on London, get cracking and join the hunt! 

    Find out more at: www.thebigegghunt.co.uk