• Zombie-fy

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    Rick Genest, aka ‘Zombie Boy’ challenges your sensibilities about what you believe to be beautiful.  He has been hitting the headlines recently thanks to this amazing promotion for Dermablend, the ultimate cosmetic cover, which slowly reveals his incredible ‘real state’, which is a body that is 80% covered in tatoos.

    Starting his tatoo project at the age of 19, Genest has stayed loyal to Montreal artist Frank Lewis, who designed the majority of his body art over the next six years. These include intricate designs of an entire skeleton (skull included) and is thematically, the depiction of a body decomposing—complete with flesh eating insects.

    Zombie Boy, Vivid Brand

    To date Genest has spent over $17,000.00 on tattooing his body and will continue until his tapestry is finished. His tattoos have equally intrigued and inspired a cult following—more than 30,000 followers on Twitter and 65 groups/ pages to him on Facebook.

    Zombie Boy, Vivid Brand

    Read more about Rich Genest here

  • What is it about TOM’s Shoes?

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    by Seb Masih, Vivid Brand

    TOMS shoes have been doing the rounds amongst university campuses and on the feet of trendy east Londoners for a while now. At first I dismissed this new brand as a flash fad for hipsters and wannabes alike (myself included – hipster, not wannabe). But I really began to take note, when I saw that they were more frequently being donned complete with cuff-hem chinos – minus the white branded tab on the side and the blue and white striped flag on the back of the heel – a.k.a ‘the imitation TOMS.’ This brand was suddenly pervasive enough that it already had copy cats trying to steal it’s thunder. hmmm…

    So, I started researching TOMS in the hope of answering questions which I had been subconsciously asking myself over the past few months. How did this random canvas slipper infiltrate the hearts and minds of British urban youth? The same urban youth, who five years ago would not have been seen dead in anything other than the core four – Nike, Adidas, Reebok and Puma. If this wasn’t you then you were cool – even then. A bit too out there for some… Where did this new creation come from? It looked and felt like some ex-pat hippy invention only applicable to the traveller en route to Phuket. And what was this ‘One for One’ thing all about?

    TOMS were established by Blake Mycoskie following a trip to Argentina, when he discovered that many people could not afford shoes. TOMS unique proposition became clear – for every pair of shoes you purchase, TOMS will give a pair of shoes to a child in need.

    I wondered how any company could  afford to give away a pair of shoes for every pair that they sell. Surely this doesn’t make finincial sense? But I hadn’t taken into account the £32 price tag for the pair I was about to purchase. But this shopping spree was not a selfish indulgence and it didn’tmatter that I could get the uncharitable version from Primark for under a fiver. No, this purchase was for a good cause: a kid in a third-world country would get a pair too which would somehow make us equal (and this made me feel good about myself). This was reaffirmed when I walked into the  design studio, new TOMS in hand, to be met by my high-flying creative director, who took a deep breath when I told him the cost of my new canvas slippers. Horrified at the price I’d paid ‘for a pair of plimsoles’ he was bowled over once I re-told the ‘One for One’ story and suddenly I had not only bought myself a pair of shoes, but had spent my lunch hour doing a good deed courtesy of Mastercard; Yes, the boss seemed impressed.

    Other key elements set TOMS apart from similar canvas shoes:

    The message is clear: One for One.  The same idea from some committee at a large corporation might have translated to: “Proceeds from our shoe sales go to children in need. Limited to one pair per customer. Some restrictions apply. Review our web site for full details.” But wiht Toms shoes’ the message is simple: One for one.

    toms_shoes, Vivid Brand Blog

    Good simple story – The story can be summarized in three sentences. This guy Blake Mycoskie goes to Argentina and sees cool shoes. He sees kids with no shoes. He puts two and two together and starts a company that will make cool shoes and will donate a pair for every pair it sells. The story is supported with videos and pictures that show that the company is delivering on it’s promise.

    Mass media Buzz – The first big push for TOMS came from an article in the Los Angeles Times. As a result of that article, Blake got 2,200 orders in 24 hours. Blake continues to get a lot of press. He’s been on Good Morning America and other shows. In the U.S., AT&T telecoms commercials feature him. Don’t underestimate the role of mass media in building buzz.

    Getting involved – Customers can get involved in a “shoe drop”, where they can measure kids’ feet, fit the shoes and help kids decorate their Toms. For those that cannot go on a “shoe drop”, the company encourages participation through Facebook, by buying the shoes and by spreading the word.

    Social media with a purpose – At every contact point, the company encourages you to spread the story. For example, after you buy the shoes, you’re encouraged to tweet “I just bought and gave a pair of TOMS Shoes to children in need. You can too at http://www.tomsshoes.com !” And this type of thinking is not limited to social media: The box with the shoes arrives with a TOMS sticker and a flag, so they encourage you to create visual buzz in the real world, too.

    Self expression – We all love talking about what we create. TOMS encourages its customers to put together “Style Your Sole” parties where people decorate their own shoes. There are some beautiful designs that people put together and those end up on Flickr, Facebook and on blogs. And again, people love to show what they create to friends, so there’s visual buzz in the real world.

    Ongoing Engagement – TOMS are constantly coming up with new stuff to talk about. New styles, new partnerships, new promotions. The core message never changes though: “For every pair of shoes you buy from TOMS Shoes, this company will donate a pair of shoes to a child in need.”

    Comfort – At the end of the day, the product is king and putting aside this fantastic retail philanthropy, if you thought Converse were comfortable, you haven’t felt anything until you buy a pair of these babies!!


  • Do take a seat

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    This chair is called the ‘Cut Chair’, and it’s the latest work of designer Peter Bristol’s wonderfully twisted imagination. A reinforced beam anchored to a plate beneath the rug stabilizes the cantilevered seat while three cleverly placed dismembered legs give the illusion that the chair has just been magically sliced apart.

    ’100 Chairs in 100 days’ is a project  by Martino Gamper, that involved collecting discarded chairs from London streets (or more frequently, friends’ homes) over a period of two years, then spending 100 days reconfiguring the design of each one, in an attempt to transform its character and/or the way it functions. Gampers intention is to investigate the potential for creating useful new designs by blending together stylistic or structural elements of existing chair types.

    The Desile Chair is constructed of bamboo, folds completely flat in two places and measures just 0.8 inches when stored.

    Uros Vitas devises an easy chair that would roll-up so you can take it and use it at a picnic, festival or just when you want to have a nice sit down. The Chair is made from wood with a synthetic elastomer frame and can support the weight of an adult and also roll up for portability.

  • Trompe L’Oeil Madness

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    A little reminder to live for the moment

    Ceiling Artwork, Vivid Brand Blog

    (and he should stop smoking, or this will come sooner rather than later)

    Which way to Narnia??

    door-wallpaper, Vivid Brand

    Maison Martin Margiela

    Hotel Maison, Vivid Brand Blog

    Hotel Maison, situated on the famous Champs Élysées, in the heart of Paris, gives a completely different experience on the concept of living space. Maison Martin Margiela has created a dramatic world where reality and make-believe seem to blend. Redefining the rules and offering a luxurious but relaxed atmosphere, where minimalism of forms is served by incredible attention to detail, the hotel is entirely photocopied.

    Banksy: Maid Sweeping

    My other car’s a……..Jet

    Beer Advertising

    Julian Beever’s Street Art 

    This way to hell….

    Something Else shop in Emerald Street, London

  • Cool Communication

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    Spotted outside Specsavers

    Specsavers Hearing Test A-Board signage, Marlborough, UK

    I’m guessing ‘high fives’

    Hanging about in a Hairdressers in Spitafield Market, London

    'Models Required' sign at Hairdresser in Spitafield Market, London

    Who could resist when she asks so nicely?

    A modified ‘No Entry’ Sign in Stoke Newington, UK

    Modified 'no entry' sign, spotted near Stoke Newington, London

    Moet IS so much more thirst quenching, let’s face it…

    Diver Fire Hydrant

    Advertising Moses restaurant in Tel Aviv, Isreal

    Moses restaurant vehicle advertising, Tel Aviv

  • “Michael, I think I am lost”

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    Spotted outside the Vivid Brand office – none other than Kitt, Michael Knight’s car!!!! Kitt seemed to be slightly confused, so our Designer Seb and Intern Netta offered to help re-boot his sat nav and put him back on course for California.

    Kit at the Vivid Brand Office

    ” Sebastian, would you like to go for a Knight Ride, before I pick up Michael from Spearmint Rhino?”

    Kit at the Vivid Brand Office

    ” Identified: Alien object at close proximity. Protective shield activated”

  • Monday Music Moment

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    Following on from our controversial and much contested top 10 Artist brands, here is our list of album covers that have the ‘X Factor’. Which are your top 10?

    1) Beck – Information

    Beck - Information, Vivid Brand Blog

    Just when album covers where beginning to become obsolete in the world of dual packaging and downloads, this ‘do it yourself’ design refreshes the idea of an album cover altogether.

    2) Velvet Underground & Nico – Velvet Underground & Nico

    Velvet Underground and nico, Vivid Brand Blog

    The marriage of music and art has never been more apparent then in the collaboration of Andy Warhol and Velvet Underground. This piece feels very much as if the Cover has overseen the music.

    3) Grace Jones – Nightclubbing

    Grace Jones, NightClubbing, Vivid Brand Blog

    Grace Jones’ persona always drifted between the worlds of music, art and fashion and it was continually reflected in her album covers which oozed dramatic, bold ’80s style. Outstandingly stylish.

    4) Pink Floyd – Dark Side of the Moon

    Pink-Floyd-Dark-Side-of-the Moon, Vivid Brand Blog

    This minimalist image has been much copied since and is instantly recognisable, even without the bands name on the cover. Some stoner, college-age fans think that the rainbow is a hint that the album is synced to the Wizard of Oz. You decide.

    5) Nirvana – Nevermind

    Nirvana, nevermind, Vivid Brand Blog

    No one would expect the grungy tones of Kurt Cobain’s voice to be accompanied by such an innocent image of a swimming baby, however look closer and you can see it is a comment on capitalism. Spencer Elden, the actual naked baby (now a grown man) said he feels weird about his bizarre role in history. “It’s kind of creepy that many people have seen me naked,” but….. “I feel like the world’s biggest porn star.” There are worst ways to be famous….

    6) The Rolling Stones – Sticky Fingers

    Rolling Stones Sticky Fingers, Vivid Brand Blog

    The working zipper combined with the title of the album created hugely suggestive innuendo. Is this Mick??

    7) Roxy Music – Country Life

    Roxy Music, Country Life, Vivid Brand Blog

    The controversy that originally surrounded two barely dressed German models is probably what made this so iconic. Constantly imitated, and much collected by teenage boys, it has become a definitive symbol of the Glam Rock era.

    8) Sex Pistols – Never Mind the Bollocks

    sex-pistols-never-mind-bollocks-heres-sex-pistols, Vivid Brand Blog

    The attitude of the punk era was not to conform and only rebel Jamie Reid brilliantly captured this state of mind with clashing colors, an uncomfortable layout and most of all offensive language.

    9) The Beatles – Abbey Road

    abbey rd, Beatles, Vivid Brand

    This cover was shot on August 8th, 1969 outside of Abbey Road studios. As a local to this area, I  can report that Tourists continue to flock to this very spot in droves, constantly blocking the road by taking ‘amusing shots’ of themselves walking back and forth the crossing and causing me to be late for many an urgent shopping expedition.

    It’s been parodied countless times – sometimes by members of the Beatles themselves, as Paul did on the cover of his 1993 LP Paul Is Live, but my favourite is this one:

    10) Cream – Disraeli Gears

    This captures the psychedelic era of rock n roll perfectly. 


  • In memory of Steve Jobs

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    We are very iSad at Vivid Brand. In memory of Steve Jobs and the huge impact he has had on design and the integration of technology and User Interfaces in a relevant and stylish way to consumer’s lifestyles (was there ever a time before iPods and iPhones???), we look at other products that have changed the way we live.

    Poloroid Land Camera, Vivid Blog

    Before iPhones……there was the Polaroid Instant Camera. You needed big pockets in those days.

    Motorola DynaTac, Vivid Brand Blog

    Before iPhones …..there was the ‘Mobile’ phone from Motorola. Mobile, if you didn’t mind carrying it around with you in it’s own bag and were a trained bricklayer.

    Sony_Walkman_Vivid Brand Blog

    Before the iPod….there was the Sony Walkman. Launched in 1979, this product was the hip product to be seen with in the 80s, providing mobile music on the go.

    Ghetto-blaster, Vivid Brand Blog

    Yo Yo!! Before iTunes, digital downloads and docking stations…… there was the Ghettoblaster which looked best when perched jauntily on the edge of your shoulder

    cassettetapes, vivid Blog

    Before iPods……you needed a Sony Walkman, a Ghettoblaster AND a cassette tape. Your Maxwell or JVC Cassette would probably hold a scratchy recording of the Top 40, or a special mix from your girl/boy friend/admirer, recorded by pressing a combination of multiple buttons down at exactly the same time from broadcasts on Radio 1 or Pirate Radio, then lovingly emblazoned with a ‘meaningful’ title in your best handwriting. 

    pencil, Vivid Brand Blog

    The pencil. If you don’t know why this is relevant to the listening of music in the ’80s, you are too young to be reading this post. Google it on your Mac/iPhone/iPad.

  • Who has the X Factor?

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    As musical artists live and breathe their brand, we wondered who would be in our list of the ‘Top 10 Artists who have the brand ‘X Factor’.

    lady-gaga-meat-dress-Vivid Brand

    1) Lady Gaga

    Grace-Jones-vivid brand Blog

    2) Grace Jones

    gorillaz_vivid brand blog

    Check out Gorillaz animations here also

    3) Gorillaz

    david-bowie-ziggy-stardust-vivid brand blog

    4) David Bowie as Ziggy Stardust

    Madonna_Vivid Brand Blog

    5) Madonna: Blonde Ambition Tour

    michael-jackson-vivid brand blog

    6) Michael Jackson: Thriller

    the-beatles-Vivid Brand Blog

    7) The Beatles

    elvis-warhol_vivid brand blog

    8) Elvis, by Warhol

    nicki-minaj-vivid brand blog

    9) Nicki Minaj

    jim-morrison_vivid_brand blog

    10) Jim Morrison

    Who would be in your top 10??

  • Have you tasted Pussy?

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    It’s rather fitting that this new premium energy drink brand is the product of a collaboration from the children of  a Virgin – Holly and Sam Branson and entrepeneur Jonnie Shearer.

    “Pussy is raunchy by name and raunchy by nature” apparently. Pussy can also  “…be enjoyed alone, but is best shared with friends.” (Sam Branson). But, does this new energy drink brand have more to it than the shock factor alone?

    Pussy_Energy_Drink, Vivid Brand Blog

    Until now, the brand has mainly been the preserve of nighclubbers and celebrities, since it’s launch on the London nightclub scene in 2004. Aimed at upmarket nightclubs, with the market positioning of being ‘spontaneous, entertaining and fun’, the brand has since grown a following and achieved listings in Tesco, Selfridges and Virgin Trains, amongst others. From a Visual identity perspective, Vivid Brand is confused by the juxtoposition of the 90′s electro style logo and renaissance style flourishes, but recognises that the white can would stand out well in dingy nightclubs and be enhanced by UV lighting.

    Pussy is entering a highly competitive and cluttered market of energy drinks. Here’s our selection of the best (in style) of the rest:

    domokun_energy_drink, Vivid Brand Blog

    Domo-kun, a Japanese Bubblegum flavored Energy Drink

    blood_potion_energy_drink,Vivid Brand Blog

    Blood Potion Fruit Punch Energy Drink. Best consumed in bright daylight with a string of garlic around your neck

    Battery Energy Drink. For party bunnies

    Drink Me. Could have a surprising effect if your name is Alice

    pacman_vivid brand Blog

    Pac-Man. Retro energy

    redbull_Vivid brand blog

    Red Bull. Old Skool Classic. Best  enhanced with Vodka.